Lewitt MTP 250 DM Vocal Microphone

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As a vocal artist, you should have your own performance microphone.

Honestly. Every FOH engineer will sign that.

Otherwise you never know who used your mic before … and how.

The MTP 240 DM is the perfect entry for every stage. The MTP 250 DM and MTP 250 DMs both offer an incredible bang for the buck, they focus on the main qualities of a professional handheld performance microphone – high gain before feedback, detailed, rich and authentic sound, easy handling and ruggedness.

The MTP 250 DM and DMs feature a new improved internal shock-mount - the capsule of the MTP 250 DM and DMs is fully rubber-mounted enabling exceptionally low handling noise.

A built-in spherical wind and pop filter compliments specially tailored frequency response to ensure consistently rich and powerful output in any setting. The new and smaller switch on the MTP 250 DMs efficiently prevents accidential operation and reduces unwanted handling noise.

And both of them sound like way more expensive microphones … beautifully detailed with a nice and rich mid-range.

You will definitely love your own microphone …

Lewitt MTP 250 DM Vocal Microphone