Orange Bax Bangeetar

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Guitar Preamp/EQ

Wide Gain Range - The gain structure covers a massive breadth of overdrive and distortion without ever sounding compromised.

No Diode Clipping - Distorts and behaves just like Orange amps

Baxandall EQ With Full Parametric Mid Controls - Inspired by some of the highly-sought after consoles of the 1960s but with a number of modern tweaks,

Ultra Transparent Buffered Bypass

Internal Charge Pump - Doubles the internal voltage to 18V from a 9V source

CabSim Output - The second output takes the Bax Bangeetar’s preamp and passes it through the CabSim circuit, faithfully emulating the sound of a mic’d Orange 40th Anniversary PPC412 4×12 cabinet

Orange Bax Bangeetar