1. BOSS MO-2 Multi Overtone

    BOSS MO-2 Multi Overtone


    Powered by Multi-Dimensional Processing technology (MDP), the MO-2 Multi Overtone uses your guitar’s harmonic characteristics to create a wide range of extraordinary new sounds.

    • Next-generation BOSS compact pedal with innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing, realized with proprietary technology and custom DSP
    • Impressive, harmonically rich sounds that compliment and enhance your straight guitar sound
    • Works well with both clean and distorted guitar tones, and also bass guitar
    • Ultra-responsive to volume changes and playing dynamics
    • Three different sound modes; wide range of tonal adjustment with simple controls
    • Mono or stereo output
    • BOSS five-year warranty


  2. Peavey PM18S Podium Microphone

    Peavey PM18S Podium Microphone


    PM™ 18S is truly the ultimate podium microphone, offering a unique combination of features to suit any formal speaking application.The utilization of dual-flex tubing allows for practically infinite positioning choices while maintaining a clean appearance.

    The specially designed back electret condenser capsule offers a tailored, smooth frequency response with an excellent cardioid pickup pattern and high gain performance before feedback.

    • Back-electret condenser element
    • Cardioid pickup pattern
    • Specially tailored smooth frequency response
    • High gain before feedback
    • Collet-type mounting flange with mechanical isolation system
    • Security locking system to prevent unauthorized removal
    • Operational from 9~52 volt DC phantom power source
    • LED power indicator
  3. peavey audio performer pack

    Peavey Audio Performer Pack P.A.


    The Audio Performer Pack brings ease of use and powerful sound to small performances and multi-purpose use in schools, churches and virtually any intimate speaking or entertainment application.

    The rugged, powered PVi 4B mixer features rotary controls to adjust level, reverb and tone on each channel and the master section, with a built-in power amp rated at 100 watts RMS into 4 ohms. Its feature set also includes four balanced microphone and 1/4" TRS inputs, tape/CD input with level control, a line out for connection to external amplifiers and a record output.

    Rounding out the all-in-one P.A. solution are two PVi 100 dynamic cardioid microphones, two PVi 10 premium loudspeaker enclosures, a pair of adjustable speaker stands and cables for the microphones and speakers.

    • Two PVi® 10 10" speaker enclosures
    • Two PVi® 100 dynamic cardioid microphones
    • Two speaker stands
    • Includes PVi® 4B mixer
    • Weight (Packed): 81.00 lb(36.74 kg)
  4. LR Baggs MIXPro Beltclip Preamp

    LR Baggs MIXPro Beltclip Preamp


    The Mixpro is an all-discrete Class A dual channel beltclip preamp that will allow you to perfectly blend two of just about any combination of pickups or mini-mics. It provides the control you need right at your side.

    • Adjustable gain
    • Passive 2-band EQ
    • Bass trim control
    • Phase inversion
    • 9V phantom power
    • Battery type: Single 9V
  5. MOOER Flex Boost

    MOOER Flex Boost


    • Wide range gain boost
    • Full metal shell
    • Very small and exquisite
    • True bypass
    • Requires DC 9V Adapter power supply
  6. BOSS EV-30 Dual Expression Pedal

    BOSS EV-30 Dual Expression Pedal


    Pro expression control in a compact package. A small footprint is perfectly suited for cramped pedalboards, while the die-cast aluminum chassis offers a rock-solid foundation and BOSS’s famous rugged reliability.

    • Space-saving expression pedal with a rugged die-cast aluminum body
    • Silky feel and smooth pivot for precise parameter control
    • Isolated dual expression outputs for controlling two devices with one pedal
    • Independent pedal range adjustment for each output
    • Works with ¼-inch TRS expression inputs on stompbox pedals, multi-effects, keyboards, MIDI controllers, and more
    • Polarity switch provides compatibility with most devices that support expression control
    • Shares the same rugged, space-saving design of the FV-30H/L volume pedals and PW-3 wah
    • Includes ¼-inch TRS (stereo) cable
  7. BOSS FV-30L Low Impedance Volume Pedal

    BOSS FV-30L Low Impedance Volume Pedal


    Low-impedance pedal equipped with stereo input/output for stompboxes, keyboards, and other digital instruments, specially created for saving space on your pedalboard while maintaining the trusted BOSS standard for sound quality, reliability, and durability.

    These pedals are 100-percent professional grade, aluminum die-cast units, and feature smooth pivot action that supports subtle changes in volume control.

    • Space-saving volume pedals with rugged aluminum die-cast body designs
    • Silky feel with smooth pivot for maximum control
    • Stereo input and output
    • FV-30L for low-impedance gear like synthesizers and stompboxes
  8. Yamaha DXR12 Powered Loudspeaker

    Yamaha DXR12 Powered Loudspeaker


    The DXR12 is an extremely high power loudspeaker that is capable of producing a maximum SPL of 132dB with its impressive 1100W of power. It is the perfect solution for live sound applications that demand wide bandwidth and extremely high resolution sound.
    • 12" 2-way, Bi-amp powered speaker
    • Bass-reflex
    • Frequency range (-10dB) 52Hz - 20kHz
    • Nominal coverage H 90° V 60°
    • 12" Speaker cone Voice Coil: 2.5"
    • Output power Dynamic:1100W (LF: 950W HF: 150W) / Continuous: 700W (LF: 600W HF: 100W)
    • Maximum output level (1m; on axis) 132dB SPL
    • I/O connectors: INPUT: XLR-3-31 x1 , INPUT2: Phone x2, INPUT3: RCA PIN x 2, THRU: XLR3-32 x 1 (Parallel with INPUT 1 ), LINK OUT: XLR x 1 Processors D-CONTOUR: FOH/MAIN, MONITOR, OFF
    • Power requirements 100V - 240V, 50Hz/60 Hz
    • Power consumption 110W
    • Pole socket 35mm with 2-way features (0 or 7 degrees)
    • Dimensions: W 362mm (14 2/8") H 601mm (23 5/8") D 350mm (13 6/8")
    • Net weight 19.3kg (42.5lbs)
  9. BOSS VE-2 Vocal Harmonist

    BOSS VE-2 Vocal Harmonist


    VE-2 Vocal Harmonist delivers a complete effects solution for all singers, particularly those that perform with guitar.

    This portable, battery-powered stompbox has everything you need to create polished, studio-quality sounds everywhere you sing, from concert stages and street performances to practicing and having fun at home.

    • Real-time vocal harmonies and high-quality effects in an affordable, easy-to-operate pedal
    • Auto Harmony function automatically detects chords played on a connected guitar and generates perfectly matching harmonies, even during mid-song key changes
    • Solo singers can create harmonies by manually setting the song key with a dedicated panel knob
    • Hybrid mode creates harmonies based on both guitar chord input and the manual key setting, perfect for songs where the guitar part transitions between rhythm and lead playing
    • 24 harmony types to choose from (12 one- and two-voice harmonies plus variations that provide even fuller sounds)
    • Friendly user interface that’s simple to use, even for vocalists not familiar with using effects
    • Easily dial up reverb and delay effects with a single knob
    • Enhance function controls dynamics and applies subtle pitch correction as you sing
    • Three memories for storing favorite settings
    • Runs on four AA-size batteries or optional PSA-series AC adapter
    • XLR mic input with phantom power (phantom power is available even when running on batteries)
    • USB audio function for capturing processed vocal sounds into your computer
  10. MOOER Red Kid Talk Wah Pedal

    MOOER Red Kid Talk Wah Pedal


    Red Kid is a vocal simulation pedal which lies somewhere between a wah wah and a talk box.

    It clearly replicates 2 different vocal sounds like you may expect to hear from a talkbox or vocoder device. Operated like a traditional wah pedal it's super expressive and there's no need for messing about with microphones or rubber hoses. Just pop it into your effects chain like any other pedal. 

    • Comes equipped with MOOER's unique pressure sensing footswitch for instant operation.
    • Talk wah replicates the tonal qualities of the human voice and can bring new inspiration to your music.
    • Two different TALK modes, each with a different vocal sound.
    • 3 different types of switching.
    • Equipped with MOOER's unique pressure sensing footswitch.
    • True Bypass
    • Solid Metal Chassis

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