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  1. fender mgt-4

    Fender MGT-4 Footswitch


    The MGT-4 Footswitch (included with Mustang GT200) is a great optional accessory item for Mustang GT100 and GT40.

    It's a four-button, pedalboard-friendly unit that lets users select various presets and effects from the floor.

    It also enables hands-free access to the chromatic tuner, with colored LEDs for visual feedback.

    Perhaps most importantly, the MGT-4 footswitch unlocks Mustang GT's 60-second looper functionality, with buttons to activate "Record," "Play," "Overdub" and "Stop" functions.

    Removable 12' cable with 1/4" plugs included.

  2. BOSS Acoustic Singer Live

    BOSS Acoustic Singer Live


    Incorporating BOSS’s latest advancements in amplifier research, this compact powerhouse produces rich, vibrant sound with unmatched punch and clarity. Independent channels are provided for acoustic guitar and vocal, and each is equipped with discrete analog input circuits and three-band EQ for studio-quality sound.

    • Professional acoustic amplifier with premium sound and features
    • 60–watt bi-amp design with custom-designed 6.5-inch woofer and dome tweeter
    • Dual channels with discrete analog input electronics and three-band EQ
    • Dedicated guitar channel with Acoustic Resonance to restore natural tone to stage guitars with piezo pickups
    • Mic channel with phantom power and ¼-inch/XLR combo input for connecting a vocal/guitar microphone or second instrument source
    • Chorus effect on guitar channel, delay/echo effect on mic channel, and independent reverb on both channels
    • Harmony function automatically creates smooth and accurate vocal harmonies via real-time key/chord analysis of the guitar input
    • Built-in looper for practicing, developing ideas, and enhancing live performances
    • Independent anti-feedback controls on each channel
    • Dual XLR DI jacks assignable to outputting individual channels (direct or post-effects) or both channels mixed together
    • USB output for direct recording to a computer Control looper, harmony, and effects with optional footswitches
  3. Blackstar FLY 3 Bluetooth

    Blackstar FLY 3 Bluetooth


    Portable mini guitar amp with Tape Delay effect.

    The FLY 3 combines awesome tone, tape delay effect and ISF controls with a lightweight and compact 3 watt guitar amplifier.

    • Simple yet comprehensive control set allows you to change the sound of your amp with controls for Gain, Equalisation via the Blackstar patented ISF, Delay Time and Delay Level.
    • Bluetooth connectivity for listening / jamming along to music.
    • Built in MP3 / LINE IN jack
    • Full-bodied sound that you expect from top quality portable speakers.
    • Capable of being battery powered
    • Connect FLY 3 to a FLY 103 to create a 6W stereo set-up - extension cabinet is sold seperately.
    • Wattage 3W



  4. Roland CUBE Street - Red

    Roland CUBE Street - Red


    The Ultimate Amp for Travelling Musicians

    If you’re a musician who’s on the move, the new CUBE Street is for you. Whether you’re running to a rehearsal, lesson, street gig, or any situation that requires portability and versatility, the CUBE Street is a battery-powered marvel that’s ready to travel fast.

    The CUBE Street sounds amazing and is capable of high-volume output thanks to dual (or two) digital power amps and a pair of high-performance neodymium speakers. And just wait until you hear the built-in Boss effects and amp models!

    • Compact, lightweight stereo amplifier with slanted cabinet design
    • Two high-performance 6.5” neodymium speakers
    • Battery driven (6 x AA, maximum 15-hour continuous use)
    • Dual-channel architecture with Guitar/Inst and Mic/Line inputs
    • 8 COSM AMPs, 6 digital effects, and chromatic tuner built in
    • 2-band EQ, Delay/Reverb for the Mic/Line-channel
    • AC Adaptor included
  5. BOSS KATANA 100/212

    BOSS KATANA 100/212


    100 watts of power and two custom 12-inch speakers, the Katana-100/212 delivers a commanding range of gig-worthy tones that gracefully slice through any band scenario. The amp also excels for home playing, with a uniquely efficient design and innovative Power Control that provides inspiring sound and response at low volumes.

    In addition, the Katana-100/212 includes integrated access to 55 BOSS effects, which are customizable using the free BOSS Tone Studio editor software. Up to 15 different effects can be configured in the amp at one time, enabling you to bring fully prepared tones to the stage in one amp.

    • Stage-ready 100-watt combo amp with two custom 12-inch speakers
    • Five unique amp characters: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown (derived from the Waza amp), and Acoustic (for acoustic-electric guitars)
    • Choose from 55 customizable effects with BOSS Tone Studio editor software
    • Store 15 different effects on board, with three effects available simultaneously
    • Dedicated gain, EQ, presence, and effects controls for adjusting sounds quickly
    • Four memories for storing and recalling all amp and effect settings
    • Power Control for achieving cranked-amp tone and dynamic response at low volumes
    • Built-in tilt stand for optimal monitoring and sound projection
    • Pro setups available at BOSS Tone Central
  6. Peavey P2 Powered Line Array System

    Peavey P2 Powered Line Array System


    The Peavey P2™ powered line array system is the perfect solution to provide a wide audience coverage in a low profile package. With incredible 20Hz to 20kHz amplifier fidelity in a super compact design, this portable PA system delivers clarity and performance previously unavailable in this category.

    • Variable Mic/Line input 1/4"
    • XLR combination input
    • XLR through output
    • Onboard DSP
    • Low Cut/Boost switch
    • Vocal boost selector 3 channel input
    • Dual RCA inputs
    • Dual 1/4" inputs
    • Fan cooled ultra reliable power supply
    • 8x4" custom high frequency drivers
    • 1 12" custom woofer
    • Weight Unpacked: 74.52 lb(33.8 kg)
  7. Fender Mustang gt100

    Fender Mustang GT 100


    For the all new Mustang GT Series, Fender have taken seven decades’ worth of experience crafting inspirational tools and used it to add new (and better) amp and effects models whilst integrating ease of use without (most importantly) sacrificing one iota of power!

    It has now been made easy to control a studio’s worth of authentic amp and effects models with one finger via Bluetooth and the exclusive Fender Tone app.

    This is the world’s first WiFi-equipped guitar amplifier, making it easy for you to download the latest updates, access Fender artist-created presets, and connect directly with a community of other creative players and music makers like yourself.

    • 100-watt WiFi-equipped digital amplifier
    • One 12" Celestion® Special Design speaker
    • Free, exclusive Tone App for one-touch preset access, management and editing
    • New models and effects with “spillover”
    • Bluetooth audio streaming and control
    • Onboard 60-second looper; setlist support
    • Optional MGT-4 footswitch for control of presets and effects, tuner and looper access
  8. ebs reidmar 500

    EBS Reidmar 500


    The ebs reidmar 500 is based on an awarded light-weight bass amp design from ebs that challenges any heavy-weight boutique amp in tonal qualities.

    The reidmar takes full advantage of ebs's famed analog preamp technique combined with a class-d power amp that benefits from a clever 'soft-clip' technique to make optimal use of all of its power with preserved definition!

    • Input Impedance 2 Mohms
    • Gain Range -00 - +30 dB
    • Character Filter Shelving, High/Low Pass, +7 dB @ 40 Hz, -2 dB @ 800 Hz, +3 dB @ 10 kHz
    • Tone Controls,
    • Bass Shelving +/-18 dB @ 60 Hz
    • Mid Bandpass Filter 100 – 6000 Hz +/- 12-15 dB
    • Treble Shelving +/-18 dB @ 6 kHz
    • Bright Shelving +15/-0 dB @ 10 kHz
    • Balanced Output -10 dBv, Pre/Post EQ, GND Lift
    • Output Power 250 W RMS / 470 W
    • Dynamic Output @ 4 ohms load
    • Dimensions (WxDxH) 12.8 x 9.8 x 3.0” (32.5 x 25 x 7.5 cm)
    • Weight 3.1 kg (7.0 lbs.)
  9. Fender Acoustic 100 Guitar Amplifier

    Fender Acoustic 100 Guitar Amplifier


    Fender Acoustasonic guitar amplifiers are full-featured amps voiced specifically to deliver full, clear and resonant acoustic sound ideal for everything from powerful strumming to delicate passages.

    Compact, powerful and great sounding, they’re loaded with tonal innovations and versatile features designed for guitarists who need to take the sound of their acoustic artistry to a higher level.

    Fender’s Acoustic 100 amplifier delivers full, natural tone for acoustic-electric guitar and microphone. Its specially designed wood shell complements the acoustic guitar’s form and voice.

    The perfect portable system for solo performances, the Acoustic 100 amp has two channels designed for instrument or microphone use, each with studio-quality effects.

    Other convenient features include Bluetooth wireless streaming, an integrated handle, universal voltage for international use, and more.

  10. BOSS Katana Mini



    Offering sound quality that far exceeds other amps in its class, this miniature powerhouse features an authentic multi-stage analog gain circuit for big, expressive sound, plus a traditional analog EQ and an onboard tape-style delay. Ultra-compact and travel-ready, the Katana-Mini delivers inspiring Katana tone anywhere you want to play.

    • Great Katana tone in a highly portable amp
    • Rich, full sound that far exceeds other amps in its class
    • Authentic multi-stage analog gain circuit and three-band analog tone stack
    • Three versatile amp types: Brown, Crunch, and Clean Built-in tape-style delay for warm ambience
    • Aux input for jamming with music from a smartphone
    • Phones/recording output with cabinet voicing
    • Runs on six AA-size batteries or optional AC adapter

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