1. Buffet B-12 Bb clarinet,

    Buffet Crampon B-12 Bb-Clarinet


    Buffet B-12 Bb clarinet silver plated keys, ABS resin body with an appearance and sound similar to that of genuine grenadilla wood. These models are lightweight, strong and easy to clean perfect for even very young players Includes case, accessories and free vandoren reeds
  2. Yamaha YFL-574 flute

    Yamaha YFL-574 flute


    Yamaha YFL-574 flute, professional series, EC- cut headjoint, sterling silver headjoint, french style keys, offset G, split E-mechanism, nickel silver mechanism, silver plated, incl.case and accessories
  3. Yamaha YFL- 471 Concert Flute

    Yamaha YFL- 471 Concert Flute


    Yamaha YFL- 471Concert Flute

    Professional quality concert flute,

    Solid silver head joint and body,

    Open holes,

    Split E key,

    Includes leather case with nylon bag and accessories

  4. Yamaha YFL-371 flute

    Yamaha YFL-372 flute


    A lip plate designed to guide beginners toward proper breath utilization, keys with carefully considered dimensions and angles for optimum balance and easy playability. These and other details are some of the reasons why Yamaha student and intermediate flutes have become bestsellers worldwide.

    • Ring keys
    • Silver head joint
    • Silver-plated body and foot joint
    • Silver-plated keys
    • Split E mechanism
    • Offset G system
    • Includes case and accessories
  5. Yamaha YFL-271

    Yamaha YFL-271 Flute


    Yamaha YFL-271 Concert Flute

    Ppen hole

    Split E mechanism

    Nickel silver

    Silver plated

    Includes case and accessories!

  6. Yamaha YCL-650 Clarinet

    Yamaha YCL-650 Clarinet


    Bore: Cylindrical / 0.577"—14.65 mm

    Barrel: Grenadilla / 65 mm

    Bell: Grenadilla w/ Ring

    Body: Grenadilla Key

    System: Boehm (French) / 17 Keys

    Keys: silver-plated Keys

    Special Keys: None

    Tone Holes: Undercut

    Pads: Pisoni

    Springs: Blue Steel

    Includes: Case / Mouthpiece / Ligature & Cap / Care Products and vandoren reeds

    Crafted In: Japan

  7. Buffet Crampon RC Clarinet

    Buffet Crampon RC Clarinet


    Key Bb Stained choice Grenadilla wood Bore: Upper joint Poly-cyndrical, lower joint and bell conical Stainless steel rods and pivot screws Double fish skin pads Includes case, accessories and vandoren rue le pic reeds
  8. Buffet crampon E13 Bb clarinet,

    Buffet Crampon E13 Bb Clarinet


    Buffet crampon E13 Bb clarinet,

    Pitch 442

    Barrel length 65 mm

    Selected African blackwood Bell with ring

    Adjustable thumb rest

    Silver plated keywork

    Ergonomic key design

    Metal rings D

    ouble fish skin pads

    Pointed needle springs

  9. Buffet B-10 Bb student clarinet

    Buffet B-10 Bb student clarinet


    Buffet B-10 Bb student clarinet ABS resin body, nickel plated keywork, blue needle springs, adjustable thumb rest. Includes case, accessories and vandoren reeds
  10. Tony Dixon D Low Whistle - Tunable

    Tony Dixon D Low Whistle - Tunable


    Fully tuneable in the key of D. This Whistle has a beautiful sweet tone achieved by the polymer body. Popular session Whistle and used in many bands and grÏpa ceol!

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