1. Firestix Drumsticks - Red

    Firestix Drumsticks - Red


    Made from heavy duty, solid clear plastic, these Firestix light up red at the end in use once you start tapping!

    Screw-in end caps mean battery replacement is quick and easy too.

  2. Vic Firth SBR Buddy Rich Signature Drumsticks

    Vic Firth SBR Buddy Rich Signature Drumsticks


    A modified 5A with a larger tip, neck and shoulder.


    Diameter: .590" | 1.5cm

    Length: 165/16" | 41.44cm


    Material: Hickory

    Surface coating: Paint


    Type: Wood

    Shape: Blended Surface area

  3. Vic Firth HD4 Drumsticks

    Vic Firth HD4 Drumsticks


    Vic Firth's original SD4 design, but in hickory.

    For a light touch and great feel around the drums.


    Diameter: .530" | 1.35cm

    Length: 157/8" | 40.32cm


    Material: Hickory

    Surface coating: Lacquer


    Type: Wood

    Shape: Barrel

    Surface area:Small

  4. Korg Cliphit Clip Drum Kit

    Korg Cliphit Clip Drum Kit


    The CLIPHIT is a new electric drum kit that's ideal for drum practice at home or for casual playing. Attach the clips with their internal sensor to a magazine, desk, or almost any surface, transforming it into a snare, hi-hat, or cymbal. You can also attach these clips to practice pads, using them to play drums or any of the programmed EFX sounds that include dog sounds, cat sounds, hand clapping. CLIPHIT will breathe new life into your drum practice, and is a great way to enhance your experience and creativity.

    • A high-tech drum kit with three clips that trigger onboard drum samples Includes one footswitch to control kick sounds, with the ability to add one more for control of hi hat open/close
    • Eleven kits are provided including hand percussion and sound effects kits
    • 2W output, 3-inch speaker, and bass-reflex design deliver great-sounding tone
    • Perform sounds by striking the CLIPHIT itself with your hand
    • AUX IN jack lets you connect external sound sources such as an MP3 player to jam along
    • Headphone jack for private practice
    • Compact space-saving design
    • Two-way power supply allows for battery operation
  5. Yamaha SD-265A Snare Drum

    Yamaha SD-265A Snare Drum

    Regular Price: €159.00

    Special Price €129.00


    Triple Flange Steel Hoop - This hoop can be used in all situations for a wide open sound.

    Snare Bed - Snare bed depth greatly influences snare effectiveness making it the most important factor in creating the snare drum sound. This model's snare bed is stanndard 1.8mm.

    Strainer - B type (Release) and DC type (Butt). One-piece Lugs Our high-tension one-piece lugs can accommodate heads tensioned to the limit.

    Snare - Short Hi-carbon steel 20 strands 

    Yamaha snare plates offer superior snare to head contact due to the slight bend in their design. When the string is drawn tight, the edge of the patented snare plate is pulled upward putting the snare in full contact with the head.

    Snare plates in the CP series are made using a special bonding agent between the plate and the coil that provides greater durability and finer response compared to previous designs.

    Snare coils on CP series snare drums are now covered with a special new finish that allows more of the material's tone to come through. *Strong Snare Strings Nylon strings are covered with a nylon braid for maximum strength and durability.

  6. Yamaha CSAT940 Cymbal Stand Attachment

    Yamaha CSAT940 Cymbal Stand Attachment


    The CSAT940 can be used for two stage cymbal arrangemants or a closed hi-hat arrangement.

  7. Yamaha DT50S Drum Trigger

    Yamaha DT50S Drum Trigger


    Attached to your acoustic drums, the DT50 Series professional drum triggers provide accurate triggering while maintaining the natural feel and sustain of your acoustic drums.

    The sleek chrome finish and durable solid die-cast solid metal body provide a tour level quality with a professional look.

    The dual-trigger snare trigger facilitates complete isolation between Head & Rim for dual- zone triggering.

  8. Pearl M1060 Maple 10 X 6 Effect Snare

    Pearl M1060 Maple 10 X 6 Effect Snare


    Effect Maple 10x6 Snare

    These versatile drums can be used for secondary effects as well as be used as a main snare drum.

    They’re available in a range of sizes to complement any musical style.

    Model M1060 Popcorn

    Size 10” x 6”

    Shell 6 ply Maple

    Hoops SuperHoop II

    Lugs CL-65

    Rods 6 Tension Rods SST-5035

    Strainer SR-018

    Snares S-032N

  9. Pearl P-2002B Powershifter Eliminator Double Pedal - Belt Drive

    Pearl P-2000B Powershifter Eliminator Drum Pedal - Belt Drive


    A legnd in the world of Bass Drum Pedals, the 4-position cam on the Pearl P-2002B PowerShifter Eliminator Pedal makes it 4 pedals in one.

    It also features a 3-position PowerShift adjustment, Pearl quad beater, a low-mass aluminum drive shaft, a uni-pressure spring clamp that allows infinite beater angle, and a floating spring pendulum that reduces wagglyness.


    3-position footboard change the feel of the pedal from heavy, regular, and light

    Quad beater has 2 plastic and 2 felt faces to provide four distinctly different sounds

    Roller cam hoop clamp is side-mounted for easy attachment and removal of the pedals

    Uni-pressure spring clamp allows infinite beater angles

    Floating spring pendulum attaches to the rocker cam "inline" to significantly improve waggle

  10. Firestix Drumsticks - Mango Tango

    Firestix Drumsticks - Mango Tango


    Made from heavy duty, solid clear plastic, these Firestix light up yellow at the end in use once you start tapping!

    Screw-in end caps mean battery replacement is quick and easy too.

    Colour: Mango Tango

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