1. AA Meinl CB2 Retractable Cajon Brush 13"

    AA Meinl CB2 Retractable Cajon Brush 13"


    The Retractable Nylon Cajon Brush is ideal for players looking for a crisp sound. From light sweeping motions to full stroke backbeats, these brushes deliver definition, clarity, and cut. The heavy nylon wires are fully retractable into the lightweight grip.

    All Cajon Brushes have a durable construction that is safe to use on the cajon.

    Heavy nylon wires

    Easy to open and retract wires

    Delivers a crisp sound

    Durable construction that is safe to use on the cajon

  2. AA Meinl Bass Beat Canon Brush 13"

    AA Meinl Bass Beat Canon Brush 13"


    Let the MEINL Bass Beat Cajon Brush carry your bass notes to a whole new level. A soft foam rubber pad gives you the ability to play strong, full-bodied low notes towards the center of the cajon.

    Straight polymer bristles allow for ultra-smooth precision. The pad may be easily positioned anywhere on the brush for desired sound and comfort.

    Straight polymer bristles for ultra-smooth precision

    Soft foam rubber for full-bodied low notes

    Two adjustable control rings

    Flexible handle Material

    Polymer bristles

    Foam rubber

    Size 13"

    Color Black

  3. Ruach Street Cajon

    Ruach Street Cajon


    At Ruach they understand that inspiration can be triggered in the most unexpected surroundings. In order to accommodate this they created the Street model; an idea inspired by the ever growing community of street musicians and buskers.

    The front facing sound port coupled with a unique internal design enhances the rich bass; allowing it to permeate even in the noisy outdoors.

    The birch wood composition compliments the tonality of the fixed 20 strand snare wires; evening out the bass tones with precise highs and providing a balance across the audio spectrum.

    The water resistant body is raised off the ground using rubber feet; ensuring the quality results expected from a Ruach product are now easily attainable outdoors without worry of damaging the cajon.

    Fixed Snares

    Front Facing Sound Port

    Birch Body

    Rubber Feet


    Plants 1 Tree

  4. Ruach Core Cajon

    Ruach Core Cajon


    The Core cajon is the perfect introduction to the world of hand percussion. Designed with portability in mind; the Core provides a flexible playing experience for those eager to gain familiarity with the instrument.

    The fixed 20 strand snare wire allows for a punchy attack with a crisp; detailed high end. On the opposite end of the spectrum; the renowned Ruach sound hole takes care of the lower frequencies; allowing for open yet controlled bass tones.

    The birch wood construction and rubber feet ensure durability; making the core cajon the ultimate tool for the adventurous musician.

    Fixed Snares

    Ruach Sound Hole

    Rubber Feet

    Birch Body 50x30x30cm

    Plants 1 Tree

  5. AA Meinl Standard Cajon Bag

    AA Meinl Standard Cajon Bag


    Standard Cajon Bag In Black

    Carrying grip 

    Heavy duty nylon

    Width 20 1/2"

    Height 12" Depth 12"


  6. AA Meinl MCS1-BK Mountable Cajon Snare

    AA Meinl MCS1-BK Mountable Cajon Snare


    The Mountable Cajon Snare is a quick and easy way to add the sound of a snare cajon to your set up. The hollow sound port allows a sharp snare cajon sound to resonate fully.

    Handy for percussionists and drummers, this compact instrument may be mounted on a standard percussion rod for optimal placement on your set.  

    • Internal snare wires
    • Cutting snare sound
    • Standard 3/8" rod mounting bracket
    • Made from Siam Oak (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)
    • Includes L-shaped rod with knurled surface
    • Black colour
  7. Pearl Brush Beat Cajon

    Pearl Brush Beat Cajon


    This fiberglass constructed cajon features new textured playing surfaces which speak remarkably with brushes and other implements. The front and sides of the cajon feature large textured areas which fade to a smooth feel towards the top of the cajon.

    The Brush Beat Cajon is modeled after Pearl’s Boom Box Cajon, which features a fixed-snare system, as well as a built-in bass port that magnifies the cajon’s subsonic frequencies for a dynamic low-end sonority.

    A classy black and white finish with singular pinstripe gives this cajon a handsome fascade. Featuring innovative playing surfaces and dependable construction, Pearl’s Brush Beat Cajon offers a new way to explore cajon performance.

  8. Pearl PBC-510 Primero Pro Cajon

    Pearl PBC-510 Primero Pro Cajon


    The Primero Box Cajon is constructed from Asiatic Pine and is finished in Gypsy Brown matte lacquer. The Primero Box Cajon features fixed spiral-wire type snares which can be played for Spanish Flamenco-style and give a crisp sound. The front plate is designed for maximum bass and super-sensitive snare response.

    • Asiatic Pine Construction
    • Spiral wire Type snares
    • Gypy Brown Matt Laquer Finish
  9. Roland ELCajon EC-10

    Roland ELCajon EC-10


    • Unique hybrid instrument combining an authentic acoustic cajon with Roland’s electronic percussion technology
    • Standard cajon size (50 x 30 x 30 cm), with quality playing surface made of sapele wood
    • 30 built-in electronic kits for layering with acoustic cajon sounds
    • Each kit includes two independent sounds that can be triggered from the head and edge of the playing surface
    • Versatile selection of acoustic and electronic percussion sounds to support a wide range of music styles
    • Also includes studio-optimized cajon sounds to enhance the instrument’s acoustic sound, providing additional depth and punch while performing
    • Intuitive panel controls for kit selection, level control, head/edge balance, and more
    • Integrated amplifier and coaxial speaker
    • Up to 12 hours of continuous playing time with six AA-size batteries
  10. Pearl Cajon BassCase

    Pearl Cajon BassCase


    The PSCBC1213 BassCase is a case that allows you to transport your cajon in style and then turn the case into a bass drum.

    BassCase is constructed from heavy duty black nylon and has a 13” drum head with internal muffling.

    A hidden flap reveals a front port for maximum projection and a second flap allows the player to attach a bass drum pedal.

    With your cajon as the seat and your case as the bass drum, your music will be transformed!

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