Pearl P-2000B Powershifter Eliminator Drum Pedal - Belt Drive

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A legnd in the world of Bass Drum Pedals, the 4-position cam on the Pearl P-2002B PowerShifter Eliminator Pedal makes it 4 pedals in one.

It also features a 3-position PowerShift adjustment, Pearl quad beater, a low-mass aluminum drive shaft, a uni-pressure spring clamp that allows infinite beater angle, and a floating spring pendulum that reduces wagglyness.


3-position footboard change the feel of the pedal from heavy, regular, and light

Quad beater has 2 plastic and 2 felt faces to provide four distinctly different sounds

Roller cam hoop clamp is side-mounted for easy attachment and removal of the pedals

Uni-pressure spring clamp allows infinite beater angles

Floating spring pendulum attaches to the rocker cam "inline" to significantly improve waggle

Pearl P-2002B Powershifter Eliminator Double Pedal - Belt Drive