Keith McMillen K-Mix

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This combination 8-in/10-out USB audio interface, touch-sensitive control surface, and standalone mixer puts premium sound quality and astonishingly flexible MIDI control in the center of your rig. The K-Mix has two high-quality, low-noise preamps. From EQ to dynamics and even reverb, it's all there. And since there are no moving parts onboard the K-Mix, you can count on this control surface/interface to travel well and provide a lifetime of flawless performance.

Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix Performance Mixer/Interface Features:

  • A unique touch-controlled USB audio interface, MIDI control surface, and standalone mixer
  • Versatile I/O includes a pair of muPre preamps plus 6 additional inputs and 10 outputs
  • High-quality 24-bit AKM converters provide up to 96kHz resolution digital audio
  • Tactile MIDI controls includes 8 touch-strip faders, 4 rotary controls, and 30 buttons
  • Lack of moving parts makes this an ideal part of your mobile music-performance rig
  • Onboard DSP includes EQ, dynamics, reverb, and 4 surround-sound mixing modes
  • All I/O, routing, and onboard DSP functions fully accessible in standalone mixer mode

Keith McMillen K-Mix