MOOER Reverie Chorus

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Moving into the realm of higher fidelity effects, the MOOER twin series uses floating-point DSP chips, which can handle very complex algorithms so that the overall tone is significantly improved over previous digital pedals.

  • Rich combined tones : based on the 5 basal effect modes--- Chorus, Rotary, Ambiance, Shimmer and Multiple, every mode can respectively add 8 kinds of modulated effects.
  • Great range of adjustment : above the chorus knob and modulation knob, there are respectively 3 knobs to control its parameter.
  • Tone storage function : MOOER have prepared 5 tone storage channels for Reverie Chorus. 
  • Stereo input and output
  • Tap Tempo footswitch
  • Rate change function : by adjusting the Relation/Vaviable knob, you can get the rate change from 1 to 8 of the effect sound, which is a new experience!

MOOER Reverie Chorus