Music Man Stingray 2 Band EQ BLK

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The Ernie Ball Music Man 2EQ StingRay is finally within every aspiring musician's reach.

Now at a more affordable price, this must-have bass is still US made to an extremely high build quality in Blue Pearl with a Rosewood  neck.

Designed by Fender, Walk and Sterling Ball (Sterling was a beta tester for the instrument), the Stingray bass appeared in 1976 and was a highly innovative instrument.

It employed a "soapbar" humbucking pickup and an active pre-amp powered by a 9-volt battery, and quickly became known for its punchy sound, making it perfect for rock, funk and slap bass.

The StingRay has garnered plenty of famous fans over the years, including Robert Trujillo, Guy Pratt, Flea, Randy Jackson, Alex James and Colin Greenwood, and will doubtlessly continue to stay a modern bass classic.

Music Man Stingray 2 Band EQ BLK