1. Korg KA-350 AC Adaptor

    Korg KA-350 AC Adaptor


    Main compatible products

    KROSS, RK-100S, microKORG XL+, KAOSSILATOR PRO+, KAOSS PAD KP3+, volca keys, volca bass, volca beats, volca sample, volca sample OK GO edition, volca fm, minilogue, ARP ODYSSEY, MS-20 mini, electribe, electribe sampler, WAVEDRUM Global Edition, WAVEDRUM Mini, KR mni, CLIPHIT, tinyPIANO, Pitchblack Pro

  2. Kinsman KDT5505 Keyboard Bench

    Kinsman KDT5505 Keyboard Bench


    Secure, heavy duty ‘X’ frame bench which is adjustable to four height settings.

    Deep comfortable padded seat.

    Non-slip feet.

  3. Yamaha L-7S Keyboard Stand

    Yamaha L-7S Keyboard Stand


    Sleek and futuristic, the strong legs hold up the keyboard while the intuitive design not only enhances support, but also leaves ample legroom to play while seated.

    The keyboard sits securely on the stand, supported by thick foam pads for maximum security and reliability.

  4. Yamaha L-85 Keyboard Stand

    Yamaha L-85 Keyboard Stand


    An attractive, optional stand designed to match the look and feel of the P-35, P-45, P-85, P-95, P-105 and P-115 digital pianos.

  5. Roland KS-18Z Keyboard Stand

    Roland KS-18Z Keyboard Stand


    Style and stability—Roland's new KS-18Z Keyboard Stand is attractive, easy to transport, and sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest 88-key keyboard securely. Setup, teardown, and transport have never been more convenient.

    Multi-purpose keyboard stand with 198 lb. weight capacity; fits any size keyboard

    Adjustable height and width

    Folds into a compact size for easy transport

  6. Roland PSB-7U Power Adaptor

    Roland PSB-7U Power Adaptor


    Genuine Roland brand AC Power Adapter w/ Cord.

  7. Roland PSB-1U Power Adaptor

    Roland PSB-1U Power Adaptor


    Genuine AC Power Adapter w/ Cord (Equivalent to: PSB-120, Replaces: ACB-120, ACF-120, ACK-120, ACI.

  8. Casio AD-5 Keyboard Power Supply

    Casio AD-5 Keyboard Power Supply


    Compatible with the following Casio keyboard models:

    LK-100, LK-110, LK-220, LK-230, LK-270, CTK-720, CTK-2000,

    CTK-2100, CTK-3000, CTK-4000, WK-110, WK-200, and WK-210.

  9. Kinsman Piano Bench With Storage - Black

    Kinsman Piano Bench With Storage - Black


    • Hinged storage compartment

    • Padded seat

    • Wood frame

    • Solid construction

  10. Kinsman Adjustable Piano Bench - Brown

    Kinsman Adjustable Piano Bench - Brown


    • Adjustable height control

    • Padded seat

    • Wood frame

    • Solid construction

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