1. Kinsman KDT5505 Keyboard Bench

    Kinsman KDT5505 Keyboard Bench


    Secure, heavy duty ‘X’ frame bench which is adjustable to four height settings.

    Deep comfortable padded seat.

    Non-slip feet.

  2. Yamaha MONTAGE 8 Synthesizer

    Yamaha MONTAGE 8 Synthesizer


    • 88 key, fully-weighted Balanced Hammer action with aftertouch.
    • Touch Screen Select and change parameters directly with the new color touch screen.
    • Eight Rotary Encoders and Faders with Stepladder LED 
    • A/D input processes external audio sources with your instrument’s DSP. 
    • Seamless Sound Switching (SSS) lets you change performances seamlessly without any cut-off in envelope or effects.
    • USB Audio/MIDI Connection
    • Powerful USB driver can send 16 and receive 3 channels of STEREO 24 bit/44.1 kHz digital audio to/from your computer or iOS device
    • Class compliant, no driver needed!
    • USB connection features full MIDI support of 16 channels.
    • Supports the sampling rate up to 192 kHz.
    • Pure Analog Circuit” (PAC) improves the quality of signal after being converted to analog from digital for clear harmonic reproduction and even frequency response
    • Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM) effects
    • Directly compatible with Motif XF Voices
    • Bösendorfer Imperial Premium Grand Piano.
    • 1.75 GB of user flash memory with high speed reading/writing
    • 128-Note, Stereo polyphony
    • Motion Control Synthesis Engine
    • Two Iconic Sound Engines modernized for amazing sound playback and complex sound design.


  3. Yamaha P45 Digital Piano + L85 Integrated Stand

    Yamaha P45 Digital Piano + L85 Integrated Stand


    The most affordable digital piano from Yamaha.

    • GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano
    • 10 Instrument Voices
    • 64 Note Polyphony
    • AWM Stereo Sampling creates a deeper, richer and more spacious sound
    • Compact and lightweight design - makes it easy to get around
    • Simple, single-button operation
    • Conserve energy with convenient auto power off feature
  4. Yamaha P125 + L125 Integrated Stand + LP-1 Pedal Unit

    Yamaha P125 + L125 Integrated Stand + LP-1 Pedal Unit


    The Yamaha P-125 is a compact digital piano that combines incredible piano performance with a user friendly minimalistic design. Easily portable and extremely accessible, this instrument allows you to experience the joy of playing the piano on your terms.

    • GHS weighted action - heavier in the low keys than the high keys to imitate the feel of an acoustic piano
    • Matte black key tops absorb moisture and remain tactile after extended use without becoming slippery
    • Pure CF Sound Engine with 4-level sampling
    • Damper Resonance DSP re-creates the sound of the inside of a grand piano
    • String Resonance re-creates the sympathetic sounds of all undamped strings
    • USB to Host with MIDI and audio transfer 
    • Sound Boost adds EQ and volume
    • Stereophonic Optimizer adjusts the spatial distribution of sound in headphones
    • Split mode lets you play a different Voice with each hand
    • Duo mode splits the keyboard into two halves
    • Weighs only 12 Kilos for ease of portability
  5. Roland JUNO - DS88 Synthesizer

    Roland JUNO - DS88 Synthesizer


    Equipped with 88 weighted-action keys for a premium feel, the versatile, intuitive JUNO-DS88 puts you in creative command, making it easy to produce exceptional music everywhere you play.

    • Gig-ready instrument with pro sounds, enhanced performance features, and battery-powered operation
    • 88-note Ivory Feel-G Keyboard provides weighted-action feel in a lightweight design that’s easy to transport
    • Includes all the sounds from the popular JUNO-Di, plus newly updated acoustic and electric pianos, additional organs, and other stage essentials
    • Wave expansion slot enables users to download new sound waveforms, available for free at Roland’s Axial website
    • Sample import function for playing user WAV files on the JUNO-DS88’s keyboard
    • Easy sound manipulation and editing with hands-on knobs and sliders
    • Eight Phrase Pads for triggering samples and audio songs stored on USB memory
    • Mic input and dedicated Reverb, Vocoder, and Auto Pitch effects for impressive vocal performances
    • Intuitive eight-track pattern sequencer with non-stop recording for quickly developing song ideas
    • USB audio/MIDI and DAW Control mode


  6. KORG MS-20 Mini Synthesizer

    KORG MS-20 Mini Synthesizer


    The classic MS-20 –recreated in mini size!

    An analog synthesizer that reproduces the original circuitry from 1978!

    Overseen by the engineers of the original MS-20; a complete replication of the original analog circuitry

    2VCO / 2VCA / 2VCF / 2EG / 1LFO structure -

    Self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filters with distinctive distortion 

    External signal processor (ESP) 

    Extremely flexible patching system

    Faithful recreation of the MS20 at 86% of the size

    MIDI IN and USB connector

    Replicates every detail of the original, down to the package binding and the included manual


  7. Roland KSC70BK

    Roland KSC-70BK


    Custom stand for the FP-30 Digital Piano.

    Intended for use in conjunction with Roland's KPD-70 pedal unit.

    Colour : Black

  8. Roland KPD-70BK Pedal Unit

    Roland KPD-70BK Pedal Unit


    Custom pedal unit for FP-30 Digital Piano.

    To be used in conjunction with Roland's KSC-70 Keyboard stand

    Colour : Black

  9. Yamaha reface YC

    Yamaha Reface YC


    Combo Organ Sound Engine with five vintage organ Waves

    The five organ Waves are:

    • H, American tonewheel organ
    • V, British transistor organ
    • F, Italian transistor organ
    • A, Japanese transistor organ
    • Y, Yamaha YC-45D Organ Control

    All the controls needed to play organ: Drawbars, Percussion, Vibrato and Rotary Speaker speed control with four values: fast, slow, stop and off.

    Add character with two retro organ effects: Distortion and Reverb

    128-note polyphony - Ensures dropout-free performance


  10. Yamaha FC-4A Foot Pedal

    Yamaha FC-4A Foot Pedal


    A sustain pedal with the same feel as the pedal on an acoustic piano

    Reproduces the feel of the pedals of an acoustic piano.

    This pedal features a rubber underside that prevents it from slipping when used in piano/keyboard performances, allowing the performer to immerse themselves in playing.

    Compatible with assignable switch functions, allowing the player to call up the desired function or setting just by depressing the pedal. Just one pedal broadens the range of performance.

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