Artec WSHD Humbucking Acoustic Soundhole Pickup


Artec WSHD Humbucking Acoustic Soundhole Pickup

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WSHD Soundhole Humbucker – covered WSH (Wood Soundhole Humbucker) pickup is a passive humbucker magnetic soundhole pickup.

WSHD has a real solid wood cover. WSHD is excellent for rhythm guitar sound such as clean rhythm tone of folk rock style music. Alnico 5 magnet is used to get clear and sensitive string response. Special gauge formvar coil is wound with exact turns and DC Resistance for the natural acoustic- electric guitar sound.

Slim size humbucker bobbins are used for the modern simple shape. WSH pickup is produced for simple installation on your guitar. This pickup’s size is specially measured and produced to fit many different sizes of guitars.

From the slim body size to the Dreadnut guitar, you can make natural smooth acoustic – electric guitar sound with this soundhole pickup. WSH mounts quickly and easily in the sound hole of any round-hole steel string acoustic guitar. WSH`s mounting brackets keep the pickup in place and protect the soundhole. You can use an endpin jack or  can be connected with endpin.

This pickup offers excellent bass and mid-range response.

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