Clarity Spectrum: Hypo-Allergenic Violin/Viola Rosin – Red


Clarity Spectrum: Hypo-Allergenic Violin/Viola Rosin – Red

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A synthetic rosin designed to grab and release a bowed string precisely every time, every day. Unlike traditional sap rosin, its composition is superfluous to moisture and dry air so Clarity lasts longer and its performance qualities are consistent

For professional and advanced players. Hypo-allergenic. Made from a synthetic hydrocarbon resin compound that substantially improves the properties of rosin producing a clear string response. The hydrophobic material resists absorption of moisture making it unaffected by humidity, keeping its tack or effectiveness over time!


  • For violin and viola
  • Available in bright, fun colours
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made from synthetic hydrocarbon compound
  • Non-corrosive to instrument varnish

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