Irish Session Tunes: The Orange Book (CD Included) – Brid Cranitch


Irish Session Tunes-In Sets Selected bY Brid Cranitch

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The Orange Book contains more than one hundred Irish Dance Tunes and Airs, selected and arranged into Sets by Brid Cranitch.

This collection contains a varied selection of widely played and lesser known tunes, divided into different dance rhythms but predominantly reels to reflect that this is the fourth book in the series and is a slightly higher difficulty!


  • 3 Scones of Boxty (Reel)
  • Anything for John Joe? (Reel)
  • Bird in the Bush (Reel)
  • Blackberry Blossom (Reel)
  • Boyne Hunt (Reel)
  • Boys of Bluehill (Hornpipe)
  • Boys of the Lough (Reel)
  • Brendan Mulhaire’s (Reel)
  • Bush (Reel)
  • Cailleach an Arigid (Reel)
  • Cameronian (Reel)
  • Collier’s (Reel)
  • Come West Along the Road (Reel)
  • Connaughtman’s Rambles (Jig)
  • Copperplate (Reel)
  • Cronin’s (Hornpipe)
  • Crowley’s (Reel)
  • Cuil Aodh (Jig)
  • Dairy Maid (Reel)
  • Dillon’s Fancy (Reel)
  • Dinny O’Brien’s (Reel)
  • Dowd’s No. 9 (Reel)
  • Dublin Porter (Reel)
  • Far From Home (Reel)
  • Farewell to Connaught (Reel)
  • Feargal O’ Gara (Reel)
  • Fess Reel
  • Flowers of Edinburgh (Reel)
  • Frieze Britches (Jig)
  • Galway Rambler (Reel)
  • Gap of Wind (Reel)
  • Geoghegan’s (Reel)
  • George White’s Favourite (Reel)
  • Green Fields of America (Reel)
  • Green Gates (Reel)
  • Have a Drink with Me (Jig)
  • Humours of Carrigaholt (Reel)
  • Jack Maguire’s (Reel)
  • Jenny’s Wedding (Reel)
  • Jerry Beaver’s Hat (Jig)
  • Johnny Leary’s (Jig)
  • Johnny When You Die (Reel)
  • Kelly’s Castle (Reel)
  • Kilmaley (Reel)
  • Kiss Me Kate (Reel)
  • Knotted Chord (Reel)
  • Laurel Bush (Reel)
  • Liffey Banks (Reel)
  • Lilies of the Field (Reel)
  • Lucy Campbell’s (Reel)
  • Mac Fadden’s (Reel)
  • Maid Behind the Bar (Reel)
  • Maid of Mount Sisco (Reel)
  • Maids of Castlebar (Reel)
  • Maids on the Green (Jig)
  • Maud Miller’s (Reel)
  • Millner’s Daughter (Reel)
  • Mills are Grinding (Reel)
  • Mountain Road (Reel)
  • Mountain Top (Reel)
  • Moving Bog (Reel)
  • Music in the Glen (Reel)
  • New Mown Meadow (Reel)
  • O’Connell’s Trip to Parliament (Reel)
  • Out in the Ocean (Jig)
  • Over the Moor (Reel)
  • Pat Burke’s (Jig)
  • Piper on Horseback (Reel)
  • Rambling Pitchfork (Jig)
  • Round the World for Sport (Reel)
  • Sailor on the Rock (Reel)
  • Shaskeen (Reel)
  • Shetland (Reel)
  • Ships Are Sailing (Reel)
  • Skylark (Reel)
  • Sligo Maid (Reel)
  • Slopes of Sliabh Luachra (Jig)
  • Tansey’s Favourite (Reel)
  • Tap Room (Reel)
  • Temple House (Reel)
  • The Mist Covered Mountain (Jig)
  • Tom Ward’s Downfall (Reel)
  • Tripping up the Stairs (Jig)
  • Volunteer (Reel)
  • Within a Mile of Dublin (Reel)
  • Woman of the House (Reel)

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