First Repertoire Pieces for Flute – Peter Wastall


First Repertoire Pieces for Flute – Peter Wastall

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Twenty-two pieces for Flute and Piano selected and edited by Peter Wastall. The pieces in Part 1 and 2 are standard repertoire items which have been set in Grades III and IV of the examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in recent years.

The pieces in Part 1 are generally slightly easier than those in Part 2. Part 3 contains additional pieces selected from the repertoire for the instruments, which are comparable, as to standard of difficulty, with those in Parts 1 and 2!


  • Air (Sonata In C) [Vivaldi, Antonio]
  • Allegro (Sonata In C) [Vivaldi, Antonio]
  • Allegro (Sonata No.12 Op.1) [Marcello, Benedetto]
  • Allegro And Adagio (Sonata In A Minor Op.1 No.4) [Handel, Georg Frideric]
  • Berceuse Op.24 No.5 (Six Salon Pieces) [Andersen, Joachim]
  • Canon [Cole, Keith Ramon]
  • Cantilena (Sonatina No.1 Op.388) [Popp, Wilhelm]
  • Duettino No.7 (24 Easy Duettinos For Flute And Piano Op.223) [Gariboldi, Giuseppe]
  • Gavotte (Sonata In C Op.1 No.7) [Handel, George Frideric]
  • Giga (Sonata In F Op.1 No.11) [Handel, Georg Frideric]
  • Gymnopedie No.2 [Satie, Erik]
  • Larghetto (Sonata No.12 Op.1) [Marcello, Benedetto]
  • Largo (Sonata No.2) [Veracini, Francesco Maria]
  • Minuet (Suite In A Minor For Flute And Strings) [Telemann, Georg Philipp]
  • Minuet I (Sonata In C) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  • Minuet II (Sonata In C) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  • Piece No.2 (Twelve Easy Pieces For Flute And Piano Op.371) [Popp, Wilhelm]
  • Romance [Le Thiere, Charles]
  • Siciliano (Sonata For Flute No.2 In E BWV1035) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  • Sonata No.4 (First Movement) [Hook, James]
  • Two Passepieds (Suite In A Minor For Flute And Strings) [Telemann, Georg Philipp]
  • Two Waltzes [Nicholson, Charles]
  • Vivace (Sonata No.1 Op.3) [Loeillet, Jean-baptiste]

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