McNeela African Blackwood Irish Flute



  • Powerful sound full of character
  • Takes air easily
  • Very Responsive
  • Beautiful intonation, complex overtones & big volume thanks to the African Blackwood
  • Little adjustment needed to keep it in tune
  • Strong low D
  • Effortless 2nd octave
  • Tuned to standard concert pitch A440
  • Cork Lapped Joints
  • Key of D
  • 8 tone holes (2 are decorative)
  • Comes with a free top quality foam-lined flute box


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Designed to a modified version of Pratten’s Perfected flute by Boosey & Co, this McNeela wooden flute delivers the characteristic Pratten big sound but with greater ease and at its current price beats all other premium wooden flutes on sale, hands down.

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