Odyssey OFL-100C Curved Head ‘C’ Flute Outfit


  • Rolled tone holes
  • Lip plate and Embouchure hole designed by Peter Pollard
  • Curved & Straight Head
  • Silver plated body and keys
  • Offset G key
  • Stainless steel rods, springs and pins
  • Adjustment screws
  • Quality pads
  • Zero-gravity ‘backpack’ hard foam, plush lined, canvas covered case with shoulder strap
  • Accessories: Cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, instruction leaflet

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he Odyssey Debut Curved Head ‘C’ Flute with its attractive price tag are just a few of the features that have made it a favourite with musicians and teachers around the world. 

Designed by Peter Pollard to be easy blowing, with great tonality and exceptional playability, ensuring those first steps are giant leaps. It comes with both a curved head and a straight head for when the flutist become more proficient, or grows with age. 

The curved headjoint, designed for smaller players (usually up to the age of 9 or 10) puts a ‘U’ bend in the head of the flute, bringing the keys of the flute closer to the player’s body. 

The response, intonation and all around performance of the Odyssey Debut Curved Head ‘C’ Flute coupled with the high quality materials, make this an ideal instrument for the first time player and teacher. 

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