Razzamajazz: Flute Book 1 (CD Included) – Sarah Watts


Razzamajazz: Flute Book 1 (CD Included) – Sarah Watts

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The jazzy pieces in this book will give beginners the encouragement they need to sound really great, starting with just one note and going up to five. There are clear instructions on how to play each note plus a great ‘feel good’ accompaniment, and in case you don’t always have a pianist we’ve provided a play-along CD!


  • And Then Evening Came
  • B Groovy
  • Banana Tango
  • Hairy Scary
  • Jenco’s Jam
  • Kim’s Ballad
  • Mellow Out
  • Morning In Moscow
  • Movie Buster
  • Mr Cool
  • Noodlin’ and Doodlin’
  • Peanut Butter Pals
  • Play Of Light
  • Sea Sparkle
  • Shrimp Shuffle
  • Stardom Waltz
  • Stripy Cat Crawl
  • Ten Toe Tapper
  • Two At Twilight
  • Umbrella Man
  • Water Lilies

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