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“Solo Pieces For The Beginning Pan Flutist”

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Thirty-four pan flute solos based on famed classic melodies by Beethoven, Brahms, Sharpentier, Elgar, Handel, Hayden, Mendelssohn, Monteverdi, Mozart, Schubert, Telemann, and others. Contains specially arranged music for the pan flute adapted for the beginning-level pupil. The music has been adapted to make it more suitable for performance on the pan flute, but the structure of the music has not been altered. For 14-pipe pan flute tuned in C major.




  1. Air from Sonata in B-flat Major (J. C.  Mondonville).
  2. Te Deum (Charpentier).
  3. March (Mozart).
  4. Overture from Suite No. 1 in C Major (Bach).
  5. Air (J. B. Lully).
  6. Courante from Suite No. 1 in C Major (Bach).
  7. Melody from Sonata Op. 4, No. 2 in E Minor (Mangean).
  8. Andantino from Violin Sonata No. 11 in G Major (Mozart).
  9. German Folk Song No. 3 (Brahms).
  10. Allegro from Sonata in G Major (Pepusch).
  11. German Folk Song No. 11 (Brahms).
  12. Easy Piece from “6 Easy Pieces” Op. 22 (Elgar).
  13. Allegretto from “Trio Op. 100. No 2 in E-flat Major” (Schubert).
  14. Madrigal (Monteverdi).
  15. Air 1 and Air 2 from Sonata Op. 5, No. 9 in G Minor (Senallie).
  16. Canzonet (Morley).
  17. Saint Raphael (Brahms)
  18. Canzonet (Morley).
  19. Allemande (Dowland).
  20. Air (R. D. Bousset).
  21. Andante from String Quartet Op. 29, No. 13 in A minor (Schubert).
  22. Rondo from Piano Concerto No. 1 in c Major (Beethoven).
  23. Passepied from Suite No. 1 in C Major (Bach).
  24. Minuet from String Quartet No. 1 in F Major (Schubert).
  25. Passepied from Concert Suite in F Major (Telamann).
  26. Theme from “The Trout” ( Schubert).
  27. Minuet (Mozart).
  28. Arietta.
  29. Minuet from Wiener Trio No. 1 in G Major (Haydn).
  30. Tambourin 1 and Tambourin 2 from Sonata No. 4 in G major (Aubert).
  31. Minuet from Trio Sonata Op. 5, No. 7 in B-flat Major (Handel).
  32. Allegro from Violin Sonata No. 1 in A Major (Mozart).
  33. Canzonetta from String Quartet Op. 12, No. 1 in E-flat Major (Mendelssohn – Barthody).


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