Squeeze Box Fairy Tales (CD Included) – Peter Michael Haas.


“GESCHICHTEN FUR AKKORDEON” 25 Lustige und wehmutige Kinderstucke ( CD Included)

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GESCHICHTEN FUR AKKORDEON” 25 Lustige und wehmutige Kinderstucke or 25 Amusing and Wistful Children’s Songs by Peter Michael Hass. Haas’s Accordian Method books reflect the influence of the accordian in world music and have found man enthusiastic fans around the world.


  1. Everybody Play Together to Say Hello.
  2. Little Schlomko Is Coming.
  3. Magical Fairy Tale.
  4. Magical Fairy Tale (Duet).
  5. The Wedding Cancan.
  6. Yolanda’s Moving.
  7. The Ski Song.
  8. Buble Bee Buzz.
  9. Kyrgyzstanian Dance.
  10. Vacation at Last.
  11. Jana’s Reggae.
  12. Katyusha.
  13. Italian Tarantella.
  14. Rubber Duckie Foxtrot.
  15. The Circus Is Coming.
  16. Aerobic Finger Dance.
  17. Up and Down.
  18. Auld Lang Syne.
  19. Ajde Jano
  20. Wild horses.
  21. Sunset at the Lake.
  22. Sunset at the Lake (Duet).
  23. Up and Down in F Major.
  24. Silent Movie Ragtime.
  25. The Cockeyed Waltz.
  26. Colin’s Shuffle.
  27. At the End, Everybody Plays Together.

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