The Art Of The Drummer Volume 1


  • Product Format: Instrumental Tutor
  • nstrument Group: Drums
  • Instrumentation: Drum Set
  • Genre: Tuition
  • ISBN: 9781905631025
  • Edition Number: JV60274

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Acclaimed by professional drummers, drum teachers and numerous students, this book is a complete course for modern drumming. Europe’s No. 1 drum tutor John Savage carefully goes through all the techniques and concepts that are needed in order to be a proficient drummer.

The book covers drumming technique, swing rock rhythms, hard rock rhythms, jazz rhythms, funk rhythms, Latin rhythms, accents, rim shots, time signatures, snare drum technique, brush technique, drum solos and a great deal more.

Why spend money on private lessons when you can learn from the best in the comfort of your own home. Accompanying CD demonstrates the exercises in the book.

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