ABRSM: Baroque Flute Pieces Book 2 – Richard Jones


ABRSM: Baroque Flute Pieces Book 2 – Richard Jones

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Edited by Richard Jones.

This five-volume graded anthology, for players of the modern flute, acts as an introduction to the flute music of the early and mid-eighteenth century. All important composers of flute music of the period are represented. Texts faithfully follow the original sources. In addition, useful information is given about the composers represented and about the pieces selected and the sources from which they are drawn. A separate continuo part is provided!


  • Adagio (Sonata In E Minor Op.2 No.1) [Leclair, Jean-marie]
  • Adagio And Allegro (Sonata In D Hwv 378) [Handel, George Frideric]
  • Affettuoso (Sonata In D Op.5 No.4) [Loeillet, Jean-baptiste]
  • Allegro Ma Non Troppo (Sonata In E Minor Op.3 No.7) [Loeillet, John]
  • Aria 6 (Partita No.2 In G Twv 41:g2) [Telemann, Georg Philipp]
  • Gavotte ‘La Maillebois’ (Pieces Op.2) [Hotteterre, Jacques-martin]
  • Largo (Sonata In A Op.2 No.7) [Locatelli, Pietro]
  • Largo And Presto (Sonata No.4 In G Minor) [Roseingrave, Thomas]
  • Lentement (Sonata In G Twv 41:g11) [Telemann, Georg Philipp]
  • Menuet (Solo In E Minor Op.4 No.2) [Stanley, John]
  • Menuet 1 And 2 (Sonata In C Bwv 1033) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  • Minuet (Sonata In G Op.2 No.1) [Sammartini, Giuseppe]
  • Piva (Sonata No.10 In E Minor) [Roman, Johan Helmich]
  • Rondeau ‘L’afflige’ (Pieces Op.4) [La Barre, Michel De]
  • Siciliana (Sonata In E Flat Bwv 1031) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]

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