Alfred Mistowski – Hornpipe For Violin And Piano


  • Alfred Mistowski
  • For Violin And Piano

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Alfred Mistowski was a pianist, Violinist, violist and composer who as a former student of Trinity College of Music in London became, after studying at Oxford, a professor at Trinity who appears to have been a champion oftheTrinity Examination system.

Mistowski composed many dramatic cantatas, String quartets, symphonies and concertos, as well as a series of pieces to prepare Violin students for their exams. He travelled the world as aTrinityexaminer, covering India, South Africa, Tasmania, New Zealand, Singapore and the Straits Islands.

In addition, he was music tutor to the Maharaja of Mysore and conductor of the Mysore Palace Orchestra. Perhaps his manyseajourneys inspired this sprightly Hornpipe for Violin and Piano, a perennial of the Trinity exam list.

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