Balakirev: Complete Works Vol. 2 – Piano


Balakirev Complete Works Vol. 2 for piano. Konemann Music Budapest Edition.

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The present edition contains the complete works for the piano by M. A. Balakirev in five volumes. The works are arranged in chronological order. The second volume contains compositions by Balakirev written in the period 1884 to 1901. The present edition is based on the autographed manuscript and/or first edition(s) of the works. Other early editions have also been consulted, whenever justified. Evident slips of pen and printing errors have ben tacitly corrected. Editorial additions reduced to a minimum appear in the square brackets. The composer’s peculiarities of notation and original fingering are maintained throughout. All dates are in the Old Style.


  • In the Garden.
  • 3-eme Mazurka.
  • 4-eme Mazurka.
  • Nocturne No. 1.
  • Scherzo No. 2.
  • Complainte.
  • 5-eme Mazurka.
  • Valse di bravura.
  • Valse melancolique.
  • Gondolier’s Song.

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