Classics to Moderns Book 5 for Piano.


Classics to Moderns Book 5 for Piano. Publishe by Yorktown Music Press.

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A selection of original piano music exactly as written by the master composers of three centuries. The music provides the pianist with a repertoire which is enjoyable for player and listener alike. Compiled and edited by Denes Agay. Suitable for pianists from grade 5 standard.


  1. About Strange Lands And People (Schumann)
  2. Allegro Scherzando [Haydn]
  3. Capriccio (Scarlatti)
  4. Five Ecossaises (Schubert)
  5. La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin [Debussy, Claude]
  6. La Joyeuse [Rameau, Jean-philippe]
  7. Mazurka [Chopin, Frederic]
  8. Polka (Tchaikovsky)
  9. Polonaise (Wf Bach)
  10. Prelude (Scriabine)
  11. Six Variations On A Swiss Song (Beethoven)
  12. Song Without Words (Mendelssohn-bartholdy)
  13. Tarantella [Prokofiev, Sergei]
  14. The Horsemen (Kabalevsky)
  15. Waltz (Mozart)

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