Folksongs And Ballads Popular In Ireland Vol.2 – Edited and Arranged by John Loesberg.


“Folksongs And Ballads Popular In Ireland Vol.2” OSSIAN

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The Very Best Of Irish Folk Songs. Each Volume Features 50 Complete Songs With Music, Words, Guitar Chords, And Interesting Background Notes On The Songs. An A5 sized book perfect for every occasion.


  1. The Raggle Taggle Road.
  2. The Shores of Amerikay.
  3. Peggy Gordon.
  4. I Know my Love.
  5. The Holy Ground.
  6. Mrs. McGrath.
  7. I’m a Rover and Seldom Sober.
  8. The Black Velvet Band.
  9. Follow me up to Carlow.
  10. The Blacksmith.
  11. The West’s Awake.
  12. Danny Boy.
  13. The Whistlin’ Gypsy Rover.
  14. The Beggarman’s Song.
  15. Avondale.
  16. Nora.
  17. Kelly the Boy from Killane.
  18. The Banks of the Ohio.
  19. Maids when you’re Young.
  20. The Galway Races.
  21. Sam Hall
  22. Boston City.
  23. The Nightingale.
  24. My Lagan Love.
  25. I Know where I’m going.
  26. Glory O, to our Bold Fenian Men.
  27. Carrigdhoun.
  28. Van Diemen’s Land.
  29. The Curragh of Kildare.
  30. The Drunken Sailor.
  31. The Well below the Valley.
  32. God Save Ireland.
  33. The Croppy Boy.
  34. The Riddle Song.
  35. Johhny I Hardly Knew Yeh.
  36. Still I Love Him.
  37. The Road to Dundee.
  38. Plaisir D’Amour (The Joys of Love).
  39. The Hills of Connemarra.
  40. Paddy Works on the Railway.
  41. The Praties.
  42. Fare Thee Well, Enniskillen.
  43. The Limerick Rake.
  44. The Wild Colonial Boy.
  45. Hush Little Baby.
  46. All ‘Round my Hat.
  47. Mairi’s Wedding.
  48. The Butcher’s Boy.
  49. The Sally Gardens.
  50. The Parting Glass.

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