Folksongs And Ballads Popular In Ireland Vol.4 – Edited and Arranged by John Loesberg.


Folksongs And Ballads Popular In Ireland Vol.4″ OSSIAN’

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The Very Best Of Irish Folk Songs. Each Volume Features 50 Complete Songs With Music, Words, Guitar Chords, And Interesting Background Notes On The Songs. An A5 sized book, perfect for every occasion.


  1. As I Leave Behind Neidin.
  2. From Clare to Here.
  3. My Irish Molly-O.
  4. John O’ Dreams.
  5. The Streets of New York.
  6. The Good Ship Kangaroo.
  7. Lovely Leitrim.
  8. Nancy Myles.
  9. Shanagolden.
  10. The Rare Oul’ Times.
  11. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore.
  12. Come Back Paddy Reilly.
  13. Fear An Bhata.
  14. Old Rustic Mill by the Bridge.
  15. Pat Murphy’s Meadow.
  16. Easy and Slow.
  17. It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.
  18. Galway Bay.
  19. Nora Lee.
  20. St. Patrick was a Gentleman.
  21. The Snowy-Breasted Pearl.
  22. The Old Bog Road.
  23. Red-Haired Mary.
  24. Limerick, you’re a Lady.
  25. The Green Hills of Clare.
  26. The Blarney Roses.
  27. Where the Three Counties Meet.
  28. Galway Bay (2).
  29. A Place in the Choir.
  30. The Cobbler.
  31. The Fields of Athenry.
  32. The Little Beggarman.
  33. The Peeler and the Goat.
  34. Sweet Thames Flow Softly.
  35. The Green Fields of America.
  36. The Old Triangle.
  37. The Mermaid.
  38. Lough Sheelin’s Side.
  39. The Reason I Left Mullingar.
  40. The Skillet Pot.
  41. My Cavan Girl.
  42. Eileen Oge.
  43. Sullivan’s john.
  44. Beautiful City.
  45. Dingle Bay.
  46. The Hills of Kerry.
  47. Song for Ireland.
  48. The Garden Song.
  49.  21 Years.
  50. James Connolly.

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