Janacek: Piano Works – On an Overgrown Path / In the Fog


Janacek Piano Works – On an Overgrown Path / In the Fog. Edition Peters.

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On an Overgrown Path is a cycle of thirteen piano pieces written by Leoš Janáček. Janáček composed all his most important works for solo piano from 1900 to 1912. He probably began preparing his first series of Moravian folk melodies in 1900. At this time, the cycle had only six pieces intended for harmonium. These melodies provided the basis for the first volume of “On an Overgrown Path.” Three of these compositions were first published in 1901 with the fifth volume of harmonium pieces Slavic melodies under the title On an overgrown path – three short compositions. The cycle had grown to nine pieces in 1908, and was intended for piano instead of harmonium at that time.



  1. Var. 1
  2. Var. 2
  3. Var. 3
  4. Var. 4
  5. Var. 5
  6. Var. 6
  7. Var. 7


On an Overgrown Path. Small Pieces for Piano. 1st series:

  1. Our Evenings.
  2. A Blown-away Leaf.
  3. Come with us!
  4. The Madonna of Frydek.
  5. They Shattered like Swallows.
  6. Words Fail!
  7. Good Night!
  8. Unutterable Anguish.
  9. In Tears.
  10. The Barn Owl has not Flown Away.


Sonata 1. X. 1905:

  1. Pressentiment.
  2. Death.


In the Fog:

  1. Andante.
  2. Molto Adagio.
  3. Andantino.
  4. Presto.


On an Overgrown Path * Fragments:

  1. Andante.
  2. Allegretto.


In Remembrance.


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