Journey Through the Classics Book 4 – Intermediate for Piano.


Journey Through the Classics Book 4 – Intermediate for Piano. Published by Hal Leonard.

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Journey Through the Classics is a four-volume piano repertoire series designed to lead students seamlessly from the earliest classics to the intermediate masterworks. The graded pieces are presented in a progressive order and feature a variety of classical favourites essential to any piano student’s educational foundation.

Benefits: Progressive order provides a variety of musical styles in a logical sequence; Includes a reference chart with the stylistic period and challenge elements listed for each piece; Authentic repertoire ideal for auditions and recitals; and more. Quality and value make this series a perfect classical companion for any method!


  1. By The Spring [Gurlitt, Cornelius]   
  2. From Foreign Lands and People [Schumann, Robert]  
  3. Fur Elise [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]   
  4. Gavotte and Variation [Pachelbel, Johann]  
  5. Gavotte In A Minor [Pachelbel, Johann]   
  6. German Dance [Schubert, Franz]  
  7. Intrada [Graupner, Christoph]   
  8. Invention No.1 [Bach, J.S.]  
  9. Little Prelude [Bach, J.S.]   
  10. Little Prelude In C Minor [Bach, J.S.]  
  11. Mazurka [Gurlitt, Cornelius]   
  12. Minuet [Mozart, W.A.]  
  13. Old French Song [Tchaikovsky, P.I.]   
  14. Solfeggietto [Bach, C.P.E.]  
  15. Sonatina In A Minor [Benda, Georg A.]   
  16. Sonatina In G [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]  
  17. Sonatina Op.36 No.2 (III) [Clementi, Muzio]   
  18. Sonatina Op.55, No.1 (I) [Kuhlau, Friedrich]  
  19. Spinning Song [Ellmenreich, Albert]   
  20. The Avalanche [Heller, Stephen]  
  21. The Merry Farmer [Schumann, Robert]   
  22. The Storm [Burgmuller, Friedrich]  
  23. To A Wild Rose [MacDowell, Edward]   
  24. Waltz in A Minor [Chopin, Frederic] 

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