More Romantic Pieces for Piano Book 1.


More Romantic Pieces for Piano Book 1. ABRSM.

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A selection of romantic Piano pieces edited by Lionel Salter and published by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Suitable for pianists of Grade 1-2 standard.


  1. Allegretto [Wohlfart, Franz]
  2. Allegretto In A Op.93 No.33 [Enckhausen, Heinrich]
  3. Allegretto Op.599 No.36 [Czerny, Carl]
  4. Allegretto Op.65 No.4 [Loeschhorn, Albert]
  5. Allegro Op.74 Book 1 No.3 [Dunhill, Thomas]
  6. Andante Op.101 No.60 [Beyer, Ferdinand]
  7. Andante Op.33 No.37 [Vogel, Moritz]
  8. Andante Op.93 No.22 [Enckhausen, Heinrich]
  9. Andantino Op.176 No.15 [Duvernoy, Jean-baptiste]
  10. Arabesque Op.100 No.2 [Burgmuller, Friedrich]
  11. Barcarolle [Gedike, Alexander]
  12. Canon [Braunroth, Ferdinand]
  13. Cuckoo [Horak, Eduard]
  14. Ecossaise [Weber, Carl Maria Von]
  15. Evening Calm Op.105 No.6 [Schutt, Eduard]
  16. Fairy Tale Op.98 No.1 [Grechaninov, Alexander]
  17. Galop Op.39 No.18 [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]
  18. Gathering Flowers Op.Posth No.4 [Wilm, Nicolai Von]
  19. Gliding [Swinstead, Felix]
  20. Lament Op.98 No.14 [Grechaninov, Alexander]
  21. Landler D.679 No.2 [Schubert, Franz]
  22. Little Piece Op.74 No.2 [D’indy, Vincent]
  23. Lullaby [Dyson, George]
  24. Lullaby For The Chinese Infant [Jacob, Gordon]
  25. Melody [Le Couppey, Felix]
  26. Melody Op.190 No.27 [Kohler, Louis]
  27. Minuet Op.183 No.3/2 [Reinecke, Carl]
  28. Moderato In C Op.34 No.10 [Vogel, Moritz]
  29. Morning Pastimes [Fibich, Zdenek]
  30. Mr Happy-go-lucky [Sandre, Gustave]
  31. Poco Lamentoso Op.53 No.6 [Nielsen, Carl]
  32. Poco Vivace Op.55 No.2 [Kirchner, Theodor]
  33. Polish Song Op.117 No.18 [Hiller, Ferdinand]
  34. Prelude Op.199 No.9 [Heller, Stephen]
  35. Prelude Op.70 No.7 [Nolck, August]
  36. Russian Song Op.36 No.24 [Gedike, Alexander]
  37. Smiles After Tears Op.47 No.10 [Fuchs, Robert]
  38. Soldiers’ March Op.68 No.2 [Schumann, Robert]
  39. Study In D Op.137 No.9 [Bertini, Henri]
  40. The Bear [Rebikov, Vladimir]
  41. The Little Bird And The Cat Op.83 No.16 [Krug, Arnold]
  42. The Moth [Maikapar, Samuil]
  43. The Old Windmill [Dunhill, Thomas]
  44. The Quiet Wood [Head, Michael]
  45. The Sick Doll Op.39 No.7 [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
  46. Vivace Op.179 No.32 [Gurlitt, Cornelius]
  47. Waltz Op.179 No.21 [Gurlitt, Cornelius]
  48. Waltz Op.2 No.2 [Richter, Hermann Julius]
  49. You Can’t Catch Me [Sandre, Gustave]

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