Most Beautiful Preludes for Easy Piano.


Most Beautiful Preludes for Easy Piano. Published by Cherry Lane Music Company.

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Easy arrangements of 22 beautiful preludes by Bach, Handel, Chopin, Verdi, Wagner and others. The collection includes preludes from Carmen, La Traviata, Lohengrin, Peer Gynt and more.

This really useful collection of well-known preludes from different eras is ideal for teachers and students to explore different styles and include in recitals.


  1. Morning Prelude (Peer Gynt) [Grieg, Edvard]   
  2.  Prelude (18 Pieces For A Musical Clock) [Handel, George Frideric]  
  3.  Prelude (Act 1, La Traviata) [Verdi, Giuseppe]   
  4.  Prelude (Act I, Lohengrin) [Wagner, Richard]  
  5.  Prelude (Act III, Carmen) [Bizet, Georges]   
  6.  Prelude (Cello Suite No.1) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]  
  7.  Prelude (Euterpe Suite) [Fischer, Johann Caspar Ferdinand]   
  8.  Prelude (Khovanshchina) [Mussorgsky, Modest]  
  9.  Prelude (Lagrima) [Tarrega, Francisco]   
  10.  Prelude (Lute Suite No.34) [Weiss, Sylvius Leopold]  
  11.  Prelude (Markus Passion) [Telemann, Georg Philipp]   
  12.  Prelude (Suite In F) [Purcell, Henry]  
  13.  Prelude (Te Deum) [Charpentier, Marc-Antoine]   
  14.  Prelude For Lute BWV 999 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]  
  15.  Prelude I (L’art De Toucher Le Clavecin) [Couperin, Francois]   
  16.  Prelude II (Three Preludes And Fugues) [Schumann, Clara]  
  17.  Prelude No.1 (The Well-Tempered Clavier) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]   
  18.  Prelude No.20 [Chopin Frederic]  
  19.  Prelude No.4 [Chopin Frederic]   
  20.  Prelude No.7 [Chopin Frederic]  
  21.  Prelude Op.3 No.2 [Rachmaninoff, Sergei]   
  22.  Prelude Suite In G) [Purcell, Henry] 

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