Music Through Time: Book 3 for Piano (Grades 3-4).


Music Through Time: Book 3 for Piano (Grades 3-4).

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Music Through Time is an exciting series of instrumental repertoire books designed to provide young musicians with enjoyable, interesting and stimulating material in the early stages of their playing career. The contents of each volume are arranged chronologically, and each piece is accompanied by short notes which place the music in its wider historical context so that the student can more easily relate the style of the music to its period.

This is the third volume in this ingenious and intuitive series and suitable for Pianists working at Grades 3-4!


  1.  Allegretto [Burgmuller, Johann Friedrich]    
  2.  Allemande [Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann]  
  3.  Andante [Haydn, Franz Joseph]   
  4.  Cheese Cake Walk [Draper, Art]  
  5.  Clockwork Toys [Delibes, Leo]   
  6.  Come Along Sam [Curwen, Annie]  
  7.  Hornpipe [Purcell, Daniel]   
  8.  Impromptu [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  9.  Largo [Dvorak, Antonin]   
  10.  Legend [Czerny, Karl]  
  11.  Les Echos [Mozart, Wolfgang Mozart]   
  12.  Little Waltz [Kaganov, Genari]  
  13.  Menuetto [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]   
  14.  Minuet [Boccherini, Luigi]  
  15.  My Homeland [Grieg, Edvard]   
  16.  Myrtillia [Arne, Thomas]  
  17.  Nocturne [Harris, Paul]   
  18.  On Horseback [Grechaninov, Alexander]  
  19.  Presto [Wesley, Samuel]   
  20.  Rigaudon [Babell, William]  
  21.  Sonatina [Elgar, Edward]   
  22.  Sonatina [Goedicke, Alexander]  
  23.  The Old Wheelbarrow [Seal, Hugh]   
  24.  The Trumpets [Lang, C.S.]  
  25.  Tower Hill [Farnaby, Giles]   
  26.  trumpet Voluntary [Bennett, john]   

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