Piano Time – Going Places


  • Composer: Macardle
  • MR-Product Format: Instrumental Tutor
  • Instrument Group: Piano or Keyboard
  • Instrumentation: Piano
  • Product Type: Book [Softcover]
  • Series: Piano Time
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Genre: Method
  • Number of Pages: 32
  • ISBN: 9780193727304

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<p>If you ever fancied a stroll down a Paris Promenade or a boat trip to Hong Kong&rsquo;s colourful harbour, or to go to the outer reaches of the solar system and back again, then this round-the-world jaunt for the Piano is for you!</p>
<p>A wonderful and majestic set of repertoire pieces for young students which explore extraordinary destinations.</p>
<p>Fabulously presented with illustrations by Korky Paul, and the entertaining and inventive style is sure to delight and amuse. This book is a collection of original and varied pieces on the themes of travel and movement from the popular <em>Piano Time</em> series. The easy Piano tunes and simple performance guide notes make for enjoyable playing and encourage young Pianists on to bigger and better things! <em></em></p>
<p><strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Contents:</span></strong></p>
<li>A Swim In Crocodile River [Cullen, David]</li>
<li>Balloon Ride [Skeaping, Roderick]</li>
<li>Beep! Beep! [Macardle, Fiona]</li>
<li>Bluemerang [Haughton, Alan]</li>
<li>Chopsticks With A Twist [Macardle, Fiona]</li>
<li>Contrary Motion In Space And Time [Skeaping, Roderick]</li>
<li>Cossack Dance [McCaldin, Denis]</li>
<li>Cycle Ride [Andrews, Mark]</li>
<li>Flannagan’s Jig [Haughton, Alan]</li>
<li>Flying Above The Clouds [Bullard, Alan]</li>
<li>Hong Kong Ferry [Hall, Pauline]</li>
<li>Honk! Honk! [Skeaping, Roderick]</li>
<li>Hop It! [Haughton, Alan]</li>
<li>Let Sleeping Sharks Lie [Cullen, David]</li>
<li>Mexican March [Cullen, David]</li>
<li>Michael, Row The Boat Ashore</li>
<li>Mission In Space [Haughton, Alan]</li>
<li>New Orleans [Cullen, David]</li>
<li>Paris Promenade [Cullen, David]</li>
<li>Penny-Farthing [Bullard, Alan]</li>
<li>Rollerblade Rag [Haughton, Alan]</li>
<li>Santa Lucia [Hall, Pauline]</li>
<li>Take A Walk [Haughton, Alan]</li>
<li>The Bluebottle’s Last Journey [Watt, S.]</li>
<li>Treading Carefully [Haughton, Alan]</li>
<li>Two In Tandem [Bullard, Alan]</li>

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