Serge Prokofieff – Visions Fugitives Op. 22 for Piano.


Serge Prokofieff – Visions Fugitives Op. 22 for Piano. Published by Boosey & Hawkes.

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Visions fugitives are a series of short piano pieces written by Russian composer, Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) between 1915 and 1917. They were premiered by Prokofiev on April 15, 1918 in Petrograd, Soviet Union. They are based on a poem written by Russian poet Konstantin Balmont.

 The title is French for “Fleeting/Fugitive Visions” which is taken from the following line of poetry by Balmont:

 “In every fugitive vision I see worlds, full of the changing play of rainbow hues…

 The pieces contain dissonant harmonies similar in nature to music composed by Prokofiev’s contemporaries Schoenberg and Scriabin, although still retaining highly original concepts in both tonality and rhythm.

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