Spectrum 4 – An International Collection of 66 Miniatures for Solo Piano.


Spectrum 4 – An International Collection of 66 Miniatures for Solo Piano.

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Here we have a collection of 66 specially commissioned miniatures by international composers which is an essential introduction to contemporary music. Suitable for pianists of all ages and abilities with pieces ranging in difficulty from Grade 1 to Grade 4.

This book also includes 5 pieces with accompanying soundtracks, provided on CD and was all compiled by Thalia Myers, a pianist and a teacher.


  1. •For Whom? [Eleanor Alberga]
  2.  •Bells [Simon Bainbridge]
  3.  •Agnes von Hohenstaufen [Gerald Barry]
  4.  •Helios [Snorri Sigfus Birgisson]
  5.  •ikos’tina [Michael Blake]
  6.  •A Midnight Bell [Victoria Borisova-Ollas]
  7.  •Libra (Constellation No 4) [Diana Burrell]
  8.  •Evening Bells [Martin Butler]
  9.  •Orbit [Philip Cashian]
  10.  •Singing in the Mountain [Chen Yi]
  11.  •Veils 1 “…veils of the morning…” [Barry Conyngham]
  12.  •Postlude [Laurence Crane]
  13.  •The Leith at Stockbridge [Lyell Cresswell]
  14.  •Stone – Standing Stone [Jeremy Dale Roberts]
  15.  •Recollection [Janet Davey]
  16.  •Edward [Michael Finnissy]
  17.  •Piano Piece Surprisingly Early 03 [Graham Fitkin]
  18.  •Melodie – fallend [Beat Furrer]
  19.  •Icicles [Daniel Giorgetti]
  20.  •Lied im Meer [Detlev Glanert]
  21.  •Crystal Clear [Michael Zev Gordon]
  22.  •Prelude after d’Anglebert [David Gorton]
  23.  •…diamonds of a most praised water… [Julian Grant]
  24.  •S n d [Alejandro Guarello]
  25.  •Leapfrog [Alun Hoddinott]
  26.  •September Chorale [Gabriel Jackson]
  27.  •Nostalgia [Faidros Kavallaris]
  28.  •Piano Peals [Joyce Beetuan Koh]
  29.  •The Silk Road [Giorgos Koumendakis]
  30.  •Utrecht Chimes [Elena Langer]
  31.  •Gentle Sway [Ramon Lazkano]
  32.  •Xi Yue (Teasing the Moon) [Siaw Kin Lee]
  33.  •Bugo Resonances [PerMagnus Lindborg]
  34.  •…tornando-se… [Alexandre Lunsqui]
  35.  •Wajang [Roderik de Man]
  36.  •Cascade [Colin Matthews]
  37.  •Snow Cloud, over Lochan [Peter Maxwell Davies]
  38.  •The Temple by the Sea [John McLeod]
  39.  •Echo’s Brief Lament [Eric Moe]
  40.  •Midnight Moon [Stephen Montague]
  41.  •Marian Flowers [Pavel Novak]
  42.  •Looking into the Mirror [João Pedro Oliveira]
  43.  •Las Estrellas [Hilda Paredes]
  44.  •Quiet Walk in the Forest [Peteris Plakidis]
  45.  •ecart [Roger Redgate]
  46.  •Swinging Bells [Poul Ruders]
  47.  •The Sigh of Barabbas [Aulis Sallinen]
  48.  •Ancient Footprints [Timothy Salter]
  49.  •Moebius [David Sawer]
  50.  •Voyageur [Rodney Sharman]
  51.  •Lull [Howard Skempton]
  52.  •Gentle Darkness [Ananda Sukarlan]
  53.  •Whistling Tune [Giles Swayne]
  54.  •Sebuah Pantum [Tazul Izan Tajuddin]
  55.  •Northern Lights [Karen Tanaka]
  56.  •Red Bird [Andrew Toovey]
  57.  •Aurora [Jesús Torres]
  58.  •Short Meeting of Dark and Light [Erkki-Sven Tüür]
  59.  •Longing for Time’s Faraway, Vanishing Things [Mindaugas Urbaitis]
  60.  •Berceuse [Sohrab Uduman]
  61.  •Playing 6, 5, 4, 3, 2… [Joseph Vella]
  62.  •Stumbling Star [Alejandro Viñao]
  63.  •Ratri [Param Vir]
  64.  •Sonata 140 [John White]
  65.  •Mind the Gap [Adeline Wong]
  66.  •podskok [Raymond Yiu]

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