The Joy of Baroque for Piano.


The Joy of Baroque for Piano. Published by Yorktown Music Press.

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The Joy of Baroque is a tremendous collection with some of the richest, most beautiful and enjoyable pieces from history. Here are forty-four easy to intermediate works by Bach, Purcell, Scarlatti and other 17th and 18th century composers, all selected and edited by Denes Agay for Piano solo.


  1.  A Ground In Gamut (Purcell)   
  2.  Allegro (Telemann)  
  3.  Allegro [Telemann, Georg Philipp]   
  4.  Aria (Speer)  
  5.  Aria Pastorella (Rathgeber)   
  6.  Canzone (Handel)  
  7.  Courante (Graun)   
  8.  Divertimento (Vento)  
  9.  Fantasia (Telemann)    
  10.  Folia (Scarlatti)  
  11.  Fughetta (Handel)   
  12.  Gavotta (Zipoli)  
  13.  Gavotto (Speer)   
  14.  La Bouffonne (Couperin)  
  15.  La Complaisante [Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel]   
  16.  La Lutine (Kimberger)  
  17.  Lament From Capriccio (Js Bach)   
  18.  L’indiscrete (Rameau)   
  19.  March (Jcf Bach)   
  20.  Menuet (Buttstedt)  
  21.  Menuet (Krieger)   
  22.  Menuet (Kuhnau)  
  23.  Minuetto With Variations (Martini)   
  24.  Passacaille – Chaconne (G255)  
  25.  Polonaise (Goldberg)   
  26.  Polonaise (Kirnberger)  
  27.  Preambulum   
  28.  Prelude (Tischer)  
  29.  Prelude Allemande   
  30.  Presto From Sonata For Harpsichord (Pescetti)  
  31.  Rondeau (Marpurg)   
  32.  Sarabanda (Kindermann)  
  33.  Scherzino (Telemann)   
  34.  Sonata (Gf Handel)  
  35.  Sonata (Scarlatti)   
  36.  Sonata (Soler)  
  37.  Theatre Tune [Blow, John]   
  38.  Toccata (Leo)  
  39.  Toccata First Movement (Seixas)   
  40.  Trio From Minuet In F (Jcf Bach)  
  41.  Two Sonatinas (Cpe Bach)   
  42.  Versetto (Zipoli)  

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