A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Director’s Guide): Piano, Vocal & Guitar (PVG) – John Jacobson & Audrey Snyder


A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Director’s Guide): Piano, Vocal & Guitar (PVG) – John Jacobson & Audrey Snyder

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Greetings, lords and ladies! I, William Shakespeare, will be your host this evening and I have a special treat for my thespian friends! You are about to be transported to a land of kings and queens, fairies and nymphs, music and madrigal, and most of all, trickery and love, for love can happen in the strangest ways, especially on a Midsummer Night! Intimidated by the idea of producing a Shakespeare musical play?

Nonsense, with this new version, even I’m a piece of cake! You will create an educational and artistic experience your cast and audiences will never forget. I’ve made it very easy for you! Experience Shakespeare like never before in this fresh, new rendition of the old classic. Designed for grades 6-9, this full-length 60-minute production features five acts with eight original songs in a variety of musical styles from madrigal to rap arranged for 3-Part Mixed, with suggestions for 2-Part Treble voices.

The expanded script involves ten major speaking roles, several minor speaking parts and numerous opportunities for non-speaking group involvement. The Director’s Guide includes excellent staging and interpretation notes throughout the script, piano/vocal song arrangements, plus additional production, set and costume hints for a successful experience from start to finish!


  • A Midsummer Night
  • A Pack Of Actors We
  • Bottom’s Song
  • Come Celebrate This Morning!
  • Love Never Did Run Smooth
  • Sing And Bless This Place
  • The Fairies Lullaby
  • What Fools These Mortals Be?

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