ABRSM: Baroque Flute Pieces Book 1 – Richard Jones


ABRSM: Baroque Flute Pieces Book 1 – Richard Jones

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Works for Flute by sixteen Baroque composers, edited by Richard Jones for the ABRSM!


  • Adagio, Bourree And Menuetto (Sonata In G Hwv 363b) [Handel, George Frideric]
  • Aria And Gavotta (Sonata In G Op.8 No.4) [De Fesch, Willem]
  • Gavotte (Suite In G Minor Op.5 No.1) [Hotteterre, Jacques-martin]
  • Gavotte And Menuett (Sonata No.2 In D) [Roseingrave, Thomas]
  • Gigue ‘La Cadette’ (Suite In G Op.4 No.2) [La Barre, Michel De]
  • Grave (Sonata No.6 In B Minor) [Roman, Johan Helmich]
  • Le Polichinel Rondeau (Suite No.1 In G) [Philidor, Francois]
  • Menuet (Sonata In D Op.3 No.9) [Loeillet, John]
  • Menuet En Musette [D’hervelois, Louis De Caix]
  • Menuet ‘Le Mignon’ (Suite In G Op.2 No.2) [Hotteterre, Jacques-martin]
  • Minuet (Solo In D Minor Op.1 No.1) [Stanley, John]
  • Minuetto (Sonata In G Op.2 No.10) [Locatelli, Pietro]
  • Minuetto (Sonata No.9 In C) [Roman, Johan Helmich]
  • Old French Gavotte
  • Sarabanda (Sonata In E Minor Op.8 No.3) [De Fesch, Willem]
  • Sarabanda (Sonatille In E Minor Op.19 No.5) [Corrette, Michel]
  • Sarabanda And Gavotta (Sonata In E Minor Op.5 No.1) [Loeillet, Jean-baptiste]
  • Siciliana (Partita No.2 In G Twv 41:g2) [Telemann, Georg Philipp]
  • Two Gavottes (Sonata In D Op.1 No.3) [Naudot, Jean-christophe]
  • Vivace (Sonata In D Op.30 No.11) [Schickhardt, Johann Christian]
  • Zarabanda (Partita In C) [Turina, Joaquin]

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