Baroque Keyboard Pieces Book 2.


Baroque Keyboard Pieces Book 2. ABRSM.

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A collection of keyboard music from the period 1600 – 1750, offering a fairly representative selection of the forms, styles and composers of that period and providing both scholarly performing editions and sources of enlightenment on performance conventions.

Book 2 is comprised of 47 moderately easy pieces fully annotated and with performing notes. Edited by Richard Jones. Includes works by Purcell, Handel, Bach and Arne.  


  1. Air HWV 425 [Handel, George Frideric]
  2. Air Hwv 467 [Handel, George Frideric]
  3. Air Hwv 471 [Handel, George Frideric]
  4. Aire [Loeillet, Jean-baptiste]
  5. Allemande Bwv 837 [Bach, Johann Sebastian] [Bach, Wilhelm Friedmann]
  6. Almand Z.660/2 [Purcell, Henry]
  7. An Antick Dance [Locke, Matthew]
  8. Andante [Greene, Maurice]
  9. Aria Kp.32 [Scarlatti, Domenico]
  10. Corrente Seconda [Frescobaldi, Girolamo]
  11. Gavotte [Graupner, Johann Christoph]
  12. Gavotte En Rondeau [Telemann, Georg Philipp]
  13. Jigg [Barrett, John]
  14. La Pastourelle [Couperin, Louis]
  15. La Prevenante [Dandrieu, Jean-francois]
  16. Le Boiteuse [Rameau, Jean-philippe]
  17. Le Lardon [Rameau, Jean-philippe]
  18. Le Petit-rien (The Trifles) [Couperin, Francois]
  19. Les Bergeres [Daquin, Louis-claude]
  20. Loure [Mattheson, Johann]
  21. Menuet [Bohm, Georg]
  22. Menuet Bwv 825/5 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  23. Menuet Bwv 825/6 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  24. Minuetto Kp.83/2 [Scarlatti, Domenico]
  25. Passepied [Dieupart, Charles]
  26. Passepied [Le Roux, Gaspard]
  27. Polonaise Bwv 1067/5 [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  28. Praeludium [Kuhnau, Johann]
  29. Prelude [Locke, Matthew]
  30. Saraband [Lawes, William]
  31. Sarabande [Froberger, Johann Jacob]
  32. Sarabande [Roseingrave, Thomas]
  33. Sarabande for a sandwich
  34. Sarabande In C [Blow, John]
  35. Sefauchi’s Farewell [Purcell, Henry]
  36. Siciliano [Arne, Thomas]
  37. Sonatina Hwv 585 [Handel, George Frideric]
  38. Song Tune [Croft, William]
  39. The Bonny Gray Ey’d Morn [Clarke, Jeremiah]
  40. The Catherine [Barrett, John]
  41. Theatre Tune [Blow, John]
  42. Trumpet Tune [Clarke, Jeremiah]
  43. Two Menuets [Clerambault, Louis-Nicolas]

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