Bela Bartok: Mikrokosmos Vol. 2 – Piano


Bela Bartok “Mikrokosmos” Vol. 2 for Piano., new definitive edition Boosey and Hawkes.

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The definitive edition (1987) of the piano teaching classic. Includes an introduction by the composer’s son Peter Bartók. (English/French/German/Hungarian text).In 1945 Bela Bartok described Mikrokosmos as a cycle of 153 pieces for piano written for “didactic” purposes, seeing them as a series of pieces in many different styles, representing a small world, or as the “world of the little ones, the children”. Stylistically Mikrokosmos reflects the influence of folk music on Bartok’s life and the rhythms and harmonies employed create music that is as modern today as when the cycle was written. The 153 pieces making up Mikrokosmos are divided into six volumes arranged according to technical and musical difficulty.

Major teaching points highlighted in Mikrokosmos 2:

Staccato, legato

Accompaniment in broken triads




  1. In Lydian Mode.
  2. Staccato and Legato (1).
  3. Staccato and Legato (Canon).
  4. In Yugoslav Style.
  5. Melody with Accompaniment.
  6. Accompaniment in Broken Triads.
  7. In Hungarian Style.
  8. Contrary Motion (2).
  9. Meditation.
  10. Increasing – Diminishing.
  11. County Fair.
  12. In Mixolydian Mode.
  13. Crescendo – Diminuendo.
  14. Minuetto.
  15. Waves.
  16. Unison Divided.
  17. In Transylvanian Style.
  18. Chromatics.
  19. Triplets in Lydian Mode.
  20. Melody in Tenths.
  21. Accents.
  22. In Oriental Style.
  23. Major and Minor.
  24. Canon with Sustained Notes.
  25. Pentatonic Melody.
  26. Minor Sixths in Parallel Motion.
  27. Buzzing.
  28. Line against Point.
  29. Dialogue.
  30. Melody Divided.

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