Celebration Series – The Piano Odyssey Book 1.


Celebration Series – The Piano Odyssey Book 1. Published by Frederick Harris Music.

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Each level of Piano Repertoire provides a balanced collection of music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th-century periods for students to study and enjoy.


Baroque and Classical Repertoire:

  • Jeremiah Clarke: Minuet in D major, T 460.
  • Christoph Graupner: Bouree in D minor.
  • J. S. Bach: Menuet III in G major.
  • Daniel Gottlob Turk: The Hunting Horns and the Echo.
  • Johann Wilhelm Hassler: Minuet in C major, Op. 38 No. 4.
  • Daniel Gottlob Turk: Arioso in F major.
  • Haydn: German Dance, Hob. IX: 22 No. 3.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Minuet in F major, K 2.
  •  Johann Krieger: Minuet in A minor.

Romantic and Twentieth Century Repertoire:

  • Cornelius Gurlitt: The Hunt, Op. 117 No. 15.
  • Alexander Grechaninov: Fairy Tale Op. 98 No. 1
  • Mel. Bonis: The Sewing Machine.
  • Alexander Gedike: A Sad Song Op. 36 No. 39.
  • Linda Niamath: Hallowe’en Night.
  • Clifford Poole: Sppoks.
  • Stephen Chatman: Beaver Boogie.
  • David Duke: March (Lydian Mode).
  • Vladimir Blok: Happy Times.
  • Christopher Norton: Duet for One.
  • Anne Crosby: Robots.
  • Veronika Krausas: The Alligator.
  • Traditional Song / arr. Pierre Gallant: This Old Man.
  • Vladimir Blok: The Bear in the Forest Op. 11 No. 6
  • French Canadian Folk Song / arr. Nancy Telfer: Climb up on an Elephant.
  • Grigori Frid: The Jolly Fiddler Op. 41 No. 5.
  • Alexander Gedike: A Happy Tale Op. 36 No. 31.


  • Maritime Folk song / arr. David Duke: She’s Like the Swallow.
  • Irena Garztecka: A Ball.
  • Gordon A. McKinnon: Swirling Leaves.
  • Jon George: Dialogue (Canon).
  • Pierre Gallant: Dorian Invention.
  • French Folk Song / arr. Pierre Gallant: On the Bridge at Avignon.
  • Andrew Markow: Teapot Invention.
  • Renee Christopher: The Snake.

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