Debussy: Preludes Premier Livre/First Book – Piano


Debussy Preludes Premier Livre / First Book – Piano. Published by Henle Verlag, Urtext Edition.

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Claude Debussy’s Préludes are two sets of pieces for solo piano. They are divided into two separate livres, or books, of twelve preludes each. Unlike previous collections of preludes, such as those of J.S. Bach and Chopin, Debussy’s do not follow a strict pattern of key signatures.

Each book was written in a matter of months, at an unusually fast pace for Debussy. Book one was written between December 1909 and February 1910, and book two between the last months of 1912 and early April 1913. This volume contains the first 12 preludes as well as a preface and a comments section. This edition is based on the composer’s autograph and on a copy of the first Durand edition (1910).

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