Handel: Book 1 of Selected Keyboard Works.


Handel Book1 of Selected Keyboard Works. Published by ABRSM.

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Published within the ‘Signature’ Series, a series of authoritative performing editions of standard keyboard works, prepared from original sources by leading scholars Including informative introductions and performance notes.


  1. Minuet in G major.
  2. Air in E major.
  3. Gavotte in G major.
  4. Impertinence.
  5. Sonatina in G major.
  6. Sonatina in B-flat major.
  7. Gigue in G major.
  8. Air in F major, from the “Water Music”.
  9. Minuet in D minor.
  10. Gigue in C major.
  11. Entrée in G minor.
  12. Air in B-flat major.
  13. Air in G minor.
  14. Allemande in A major.
  15. Sarabandes I and II in D minor.
  16. Minuet in G minor.
  17. Allemande in G major.
  18. Sarabande in G minor.
  19. Arai in G major.
  20. Gigue in E minor.
  21. Air and Doubles in E major (“The Harmonious Blacksmith”).
  22. Gigue in F major.

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