Handel: Selected Pieces / Ausgewahlte Stucke – Piano.


Handel Selected Pieces / Ausgewahlte Stucke – Piano. Edition Peters.

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The following collection of pieces by Handel contains a number of Pianoforte Compositions of medium difficulty which are eminently suitable for teaching as well as for concert purposes. The complete original edition has formed the basis of this version. Handel’s original texts contain next to no suggestions regarding Tempi or marks of expression, the latter as well as the former have been added by the editor.


  1. A> u. b> Sarabande and Gigue from the 16. Suite> inj G minor.
  2. Capriccio in F major.
  3. Air con Variazioni <The Harmonious Blacksmith> from the 5. Suite.
  4. Chaconne in G major from the “3 Lecons / 3 Lessons”.
  5. Presto from the 3. Suite in D minor.
  6. Chaconne in F major from “7 Pieces”.
  7. a> Gigue from the 4. Suite in E minor.

            b> Gigue from the 8. Suite in F minor.

            c> Gigue from the 13. Suite in B major.

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