Journey Through the Classics Complete for Piano.


Journey Through the Classics Complete for Piano. Published by Hal Leonard.

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Journey Through the Classics Complete is a convenient compilation of all 98 pieces from Books 1-4 of this popular series.

The graded pieces are presented in a progressive order and feature a variety of classical favourites essential to any piano student’s educational foundation, elementary through intermediate

The authentic repertoire is ideal for auditions and recitals, and each level includes a handy reference chart with the key, composer, stylistic period, and challenge elements listed for each piece.

Quality and value make this volume a perfect classical companion for any method!


  1. Allegro [Reinagle, Alexander]   
  2.  Arabesque [Burgmuller, Friedrich]  
  3.  Bagatelle [Diabelli, Anton]   
  4.  Bourree [Bach, J.S.]  
  5.  Bourree In D Minor [Graupner, Christoph]   
  6.  Bright Sky [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  7.  Burleske [Mozart, Leopold]   
  8.  By The Spring [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  9.  Church Bells [Camidge, Matthew]   
  10.  Classic Minuet [Linn, Jennifer]  
  11.  Dance [Gurlitt, Cornelius]   
  12.  Distant Bells [Streabbog, Louis]  
  13.  Ecossaise [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]    
  14.  Etude [Czerny, Carl]  
  15.  Etude In E Minor [Gurlitt, Cornelius]   
  16.  Etude In G [Czerny, Carl]  
  17.  Follow The Leader [Kohler, Louis]   
  18.  From Foreign Lands and People [Schumann, Robert]  
  19.  Fur Elise [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]   
  20.  Gavotta [Hook, James]  
  21.  Gavotte and Variation [Pachelbel, Johann]   
  22.  Gavotte In A Minor [Pachelbel, Johann]  
  23.  German Dance [Schubert, Franz]   
  24.  Giga [Arnold, Samuel]  
  25.  Humming Song [Schumann, Robert]   
  26.  Hunting Horns [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  27.  Intrada [Graupner, Christoph]   
  28.  Invention No.1 [Bach, J.S.]  
  29.  Little Bird [Gurlitt, Cornelius]   
  30.  Little March [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]  
  31.  Little Prelude [Bach, J.S.]   
  32.  Little Prelude In C Minor [Bach, J.S.]  
  33.  Little Sonata [Wilton, C.H.]   
  34.  Little Waltz [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  35.  Lyrical Etude [Beyer, Ferdinand]   
  36.  Mazurka [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  37.  Melody (Arabian Air) [Couppey, Felix Le]   
  38.  Melody [Diabelli, Anton]  
  39.  Menuet En Rondeau [Rameau, Jean-Philipe]   
  40.  Menuet In D Minor (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach)  
  41.  Menuet In F [Mozart, Leopold]   
  42.  Menuet In F [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]  
  43.  Menuet In G [Telemann, Georg Philipp]   
  44.  Minuet [Mozart, W.A.]  
  45.  Minuet [Reinagle, Alexander]   
  46.  Minuet And Trio [Mozart, W.A.]  
  47.  Minuet In C [Hook, James]   
  48.  Minuet In G (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach)  
  49.  Minuet In G [Bach, J.S.]   
  50.  Morning Prayer [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  51.  Musette (Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach)   
  52.  Musette [Couppey, Felix Le]  
  53.  Night Escape [Gurlitt, Cornelius]   
  54.  Old French Song [Tchaikovsky, P.I.]  
  55.  Procession [Reinagle, Alexander]   
  56.  Quiet Morning [Maykapar, Samuel]  
  57.  Renaissance Dance [Praetorius, Michael]   
  58.  Romance [Wohlfahrt, Heinrich]  
  59.  Russian Folk Song [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]   
  60.  Russian Polka [Glinka, Michael I.]  
  61.  Sad At Heart [Fuchs, Robert]   
  62.  Sarabande [Pachelbel, Johann]  
  63.  Scotch Dance [Kahlau, Friedrich]   
  64.  Shepherd’s Flute [Salutrinskaya, Tat’iana]  
  65.  Solfeggietto [Bach, C.P.E.]   
  66.  Solfeggio [Bach, J.C.F.]  
  67.  Sonatina In A Minor [Benda, Georg A.]   
  68.  Sonatina In C [Clementi, Muzio]  
  69.  Sonatina In C [Duncombe, William]   
  70.  Sonatina In C [Latour, Jean T.]  
  71.  Sonatina In G [Attwood, Thomas]   
  72.  Sonatina In G [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]  
  73.  Sonatina Op.36 No.2 (III) [Clementi, Muzio]   
  74.  Sonatina Op.55, No.1 (I) [Kuhlau, Friedrich]  
  75.  Spanish Dance [Oesten, Theodor]   
  76.  Spinning Song [Ellmenreich, Albert]  
  77.  Tarantella [Lynes, Frank]   
  78.  Tarantella [Spindler, Fritz]  
  79.  The Avalanche [Heller, Stephen]   
  80.  The Bear [Rebikoff, Vladimir]  
  81.  The Brave Horseman [Vogel, Moritz]   
  82.  The Limpid Stream [Burgmuller, Friedrich]  
  83.  The Merry Farmer [Schumann, Robert]   
  84.  The Murmuring Brook [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  85.  The Pennywhistle [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]   
  86.  The Storm [Burgmuller, Friedrich]  
  87.  Theme And Variation [Gurlitt, Cornelius]   
  88.  To A Wild Rose [MacDowell, Edward]  
  89.  Tolling Bell [Heller, Stephen]   
  90.  Trumpet Tune [Duncombe, William]  
  91.  Vivace [Gurlitt, Cornelius]   
  92.  Waltz [Schubert, Franz]  
  93.  Waltz [Vogel, Moritz]   
  94.  Waltz in A Minor [Chopin, Frederic]  
  95.  Wild Rider [Schumann, Robert]     

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