Masterwork Classics Levels 1-2 for Piano.


Masterwork Classics Levels 1-2 for Piano. Alfred Publishing Co.

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A collection of classical melodies from across the years, all edited and arranged for the early Piano student by Jane Magrath.

This special selection, including famous tunes by Bartok, Czerny, Gurlitt and others, represent the ideal opportunity to tackle some true masterpieces at an elementary level and develop some of the key techniques required to play full Piano solos.


  1. A Little Dance [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]   
  2.  A Little Porcupine [Kabelevsky, Dmitri]  
  3.  Andantino [Kohler, Louis]   
  4.  Anyone Home? [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  5.  Bagatelle [Diabelli, Anton]   
  6.  Brave Knight [Vogel, Moritz]  
  7.  Carefree [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]   
  8.  Dance [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  9.  Dance [Schytte, Ludwig]   
  10.  Determination [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]  
  11.  Folk Dance [Bartok, Bela]   
  12.  Frolicking [Berens, Hermann]  
  13.  Light And Dark [Kabelevsky, Dmitri]   
  14.  March [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]  
  15.  Melodic Tune [Kohler, Louis]   
  16.  Melody [Kabelevsky, Dmitri]  
  17.  Melody [Kohler, Louis]   
  18.  Russian Dance [Goedicke, Alexander]  
  19.  Spring’s Delight [oesten, Theodor]   
  20.  Stretching [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  21.  The Swing [Czerny, Carl]   
  22.  The Trumpet And The Drum [Kabelevsky, Dmitri]  
  23.  The Trumpeter and The Echo [Kabelevsky, Dmitri]   
  24.  Told You So! [Gurlitt, Cornelius]  
  25.  Trumpet Tune [Duncombe, William]   
  26.  Village Dance [Czerny, Carl]  
  27.  Waltz Of The Young [Kohler, Louis]   

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