Piano Time Pieces – Book 3 – Pauline Hall


  • Composer: Macardle
  • MR-Product Format: Instrumental Tutor
  • Instrument Group: Piano or Keyboard
  • Instrumentation: Piano
  • Product Type: Book [Softcover]
  • Series: Piano Time
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Genre: Method
  • ISBN: 9780193727892

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<p><em>Piano Time</em> is a hugely successful series for all young beginners, from the very first lesson up to around grade 3. With a complete range of carefully paced and attractive books – tutors, books of pieces of all kinds, duets, and technique books – Piano Time is a highly enjoyable way to learn the piano.</p>
<p><em>Piano Time Pieces 3</em> presents a sparkling selection of pieces in all styles. Here are classical and jazzy pieces, folksongs and specially written tunes, and songs and character pieces of all kinds. Practising the range of techniques and keys introduced in Piano Time 3, these pieces provide a wealth of enjoyable practice and repertoire material for all young pianists. With superb illustrations throughout, this is a must have companion volume to <em>Piano Time 3</em>! <em></em></p>
<p><strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Contents:</span></strong></p>
<li>Allegretto In G [Dussek, Jan Ladislaw]</li>
<li>Allegro In C [Turk, Daniel Gottlieb]</li>
<li>Andante [Thomas, Ambroise]</li>
<li>Arabesque [Burgmuller, Johann]</li>
<li>Close Every Door To Me [Lloyd Webber, Andrew]</li>
<li>Ducks In The Pond [Last, Joan]</li>
<li>Etude [Goedicke, Alexander]</li>
<li>Far Beyond [Bullard, Alan]</li>
<li>Frosty Morning [Swinstead, Felix]</li>
<li>Going For Gold [Bullard, Alan]</li>
<li>Lazy Afternoon [Hall, Pauline]</li>
<li>March Of The Kings [Reinhold, Otto]</li>
<li>Minuet In B Flat [Haydn, Franz Joseph]</li>
<li>Piano Time Rag [Blackwell, David]</li>
<li>Rondo [Bertini, Henri Jerome]</li>
<li>Scherzo [Gurlitt, Cornelius]</li>
<li>Spanish Serenade [Hall, Pauline]</li>
<li>Study [Bertini, Henri]</li>
<li>Suburban Train [Bullard, Alan]</li>
<li>Switch [Blackwell, David]</li>
<li>Temple Dancers [Drayton, Paul]</li>
<li>The Policeman’s Holiday [Ewing, Montague]</li>
<li>Toboggan Run [Blackwell, David]</li>
<li>Toccata [Holst, Imogen]</li>
<li>Trumpet Tune [Purcell, Henry]</li>
<li>Trumpets [Hopkins, Antony]</li>
<li>Witches’ Waltz [Bernstein, Adam]</li>

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