Schumann – Nachtstucke (Night Pieces) Op. 23 for Piano.


Schumann – Nachtstucke (Night Pieces) Op. 23 for Piano. Edition Peters.

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The Nachtstücke are a set of four character pieces for piano by the German composer and pianist Robert Schumann.

The Nachtstücke (Night Pieces), Op. 23, were composed in 1839 together with Faschingsschwank aus Wien and published one year later. The Intermezzo from Faschingsschwank was originally published as a supplement to the Neue Zeitschrift and identified as a ‘fragment from the Nachtstücke which are to appear shortly’. Schumann envisaged the following titles for the four pieces:

 1.Trauerzug (Funeral Procession)

 2.Kuriose Gesellschaft (Queer Assembly)

 3.Nächtliches Gelage (Nocturnal Revel)

 4.Rundgesang mit Solostimmen (Roundelay with Solo Voices).

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